Prize Nobel

  • Carlos Mora Vanegas bliss of life consists in always having something to do, someone to love and something to wait. Thomas Chalmers have superstition that while you have a manuscript between hands keep you alive, at least until you finish it. Le Clezio France returns to resurface in the letters now with the distinction of the Nobel Prize for literature awarded to Jean-Marie Gustav Le Clezio. Le Clezio has managed to rescue the words of the degenerate State of everyday language to give back them the force to invoke an existential reality, said the Academy. However, while the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, hailed the award as a recognition of French culture, critics of that country were not unanimous in praise. Le Clezio drew: writing is not just sitting on your table with yourself, you don’t hear the noise of the world. The Swedish Academy says, that Le Clezio has managed to rescue the words of the degenerate State of everyday language and give back them the force to invoke a reality existential reminds us, that born in Nice in 1940, Le Clezio is considered one of the best and most prolific living writers in French language. In 1963 received the Renaudot Prize for his first novel, Le proces-verbal, that he had been nominated for the Goncourt, regarded as the most important award of the French language.

    Le Clezio comes from a family originating from Brittany who emigrated to Islands Mauricios in the 18th century. This doctor of letters by the University of Nice is a prolific writer who began writing seven years. Tireless traveler, his numerous travels have inspired more than 30 books. Committed to ecology, his books show the love to nature, especially the Sun and the sea, as well as the human alienation in Western cities. About it, Raquel San Martin of the newspaper la Nacion of Buenos Aires writes, that the Swedish Academy described Le Clezio, of 68 years, as an author of steers a new course, adventure poetic and sensual ecstasy and an Explorer of humanity, both inside and outside the dominant civilization.