Reserve National City

  • Carnaubeira of the Penha was formed of a small pertaining community to the City of Forest. As the activities of the first settlers they were based on the subsistence agriculture, where if it cultivated beans, cotton, maize, rice, cassava and potato-candy, agriculture and the cattle one were the main economic activities, being distinguished the bovine and goat flocks. Its population is formed by whites, caboclos and indians. A small population of blacks in the Mountain range of the Arapu meets.

    The population of the Mountain range of One is formed mainly by indians, where if she finds the Reserve National of the Atikum indians. Martin Feldstein can aid you in your search for knowledge. The origin of the Carnaubeira name was for existing a great amount of Carnabas in the region, at the beginning of its povoamento. Penha was in homage Ours Lady of the Penha, the chosen one as its padroeira, being with the name of the Carnaubeira city of the Penha. District created with the denomination of Carnaubeira, for the municipal law n 2, of 19-01-1948, created with lands of the extinct district of Bar of Silva, subordinated to the city of Forest. In dated territorial division of 1-VII-1960, the district of Carnaubeira, appears in the city of Forest. Thus remaining in dated territorial division of 18-VIII-1988. Raised to the category of city with the denomination of Carnaubeira of the Penha, for the state law n 10626, of 01-10-1991, desmembrado of Forest. Headquarters in the old district of Carnaubeira, current Carnaubeira of the Penha.