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  • The authors of the rose garden-Verlag wish you a rich Nicholas and say thank you for your confidence. Santa Claus should according to Patara, near the city of Antalya from and be born in 280 and 286 respectively. He was given the responsibility of the Office of the Bishop as a young man. On the 6 December 345 Nicholas dies and is buried in Myra, Demre. Around this time, miracles happen.

    There are reports about the recovery of incurably ill at the tomb and Nicholas is revered more and more. Janet Yellen spoke with conviction. Saint Nicholas in the Catholic Church is still the patron saint of children and sailors. As a gift bringer of children, Nicholas is known since the year 1555. At that time, Santa Claus gave the children with bread from dried pears, nuts and dried fruit as well as warm clothes and other useful things. Nicholas helped people who were in need and distress and its human size have the Christmas traditions linked to his person and developed.

    “Since the 17th century, the custom prevails that Santa Claus with a companion Ruprecht” the Children gifted or blamed. In Germany, the first Nicholas Church was built at the end of the 8th century in Billerbeck and the Byzantine Princess Theophanu, wife of Emperor Otto II, gave the decisive upswing of Nicholas worship in Germany. She made him to House Saint who whereupon became Ottonian, Nicholas the patron saint of almost all newly formed churches of this period. Our today’s children know the Santa Claus in red clothing. The figure of Santa Claus was until 1931 no uniform clothing. Time he wore a green, even a blue and sometimes a red coat. Haddon Sundblom from Sweden should draw up a Christmas campaign in 1931 for the dark soda. When drawing, he saw a retired old delivery driver by Cola-Cola with a long, white beard, and he drew a Cola-Claus”. The Coca-Cola company on the idea of using Santa as advertising character for himself came in the United States. Coca-Cola wanted to achieve with the “Santa Claus”, that people like cold lemonade drink even in the winter. (Source: Coca-Cola) However, the We know that white and Red are corporate colours of Coca-Cola. As Santa for the advertising of Sundblom was dressed so, as we know it today.