Safety Regulations

  • Organization operation and monitoring of safety is carried out in accordance with the "Regulations on the organization of labor protection in the UE" Beta-Bud ", approved by order of the Director of UE" Beta-Bud "from 21.08.2006g. 37. The general management of the work on OSH in the organization carries out the chief engineer. The direct management and responsibility for the proper organization of labor protection responsibility of the producers of works on site. Holding organization of labor protection, monitor the implementation of labor protection measures rests with the engineer for safety. Duties of the leaders of the organization and the persons carrying out the functional or direct supervision of work safety and health are reflected in job descriptions approved by the Director of UE "Beta-Bud." Managers and specialists of the organization being tested knowledge on safety in Administration Frunze district of Minsk. (Minutes 7 of 14.06.2006g., 01 of 12.02.2004g.) Test your knowledge on safety is carried out, not all workers employed in jobs with high-risk.

    With newly arriving for work induction training is carried out by an induction program approved by the Director of UE "Beta-Bud" 4/1/2003, the Briefings are conducted at the workplace according to the instructions on the safety of professions and types of work performed (32 pcs.) approved by the chief engineer of the UP "Beta-Bud." The organization is not organized workers passing preliminary and periodic medical examinations. Not developed a list of those troops who need undergo initial and periodic medical examinations. All employees of UE "Beta-Bud", including the victim, not fully provided with personal protection in accordance with industry standards.