San Rafael A Proposal For Everyone

  • In the province of Mendoza is the Department of San Rafael, where it is possible to find one of the most solid proposals of tourism in Mendoza, combining paradisiacal landscapes mountain with a very particular microclimate that, according to the statistics, has more than 300 days of sunshine per year. San Rafael has it all: incredible green oases, lakes in the midst of the mountains, the imposing mountains of the Andes, rivers, mountains, etc. Read more here: Minute Clinics. The industry of tourism in San Rafael has had an important development in recent years, since the local authorities have been able to appreciate the incalculable value of the region. San Rafael is offered as a mix for those looking for a varied proposal, which combines a visit to picturesque towns with tourism adventure in the most impressive natural scenarios. The city of San Rafael has become the second most populous city in the province, offering a complete commercial and tourist infrastructure. By the same author: Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media. Thus it is possible to find from top category, up to modest Hostels Hotels, casinos, shopping centres and plenty of business where they sell traditional Argentine typical products: fine wines, dried fruit, crafts in leather and wood, sweets, etc. This Department is also one of the most important tourist attractions of the province: the Canyon of Atuel.

    This stormy River proved to be the ideal place to install several hydroelectric complexes that generate much of the electricity consumed in the Republic Argentina. Even the formation of artificial lakes allows the practice of a wide variety of aquatic and nautical sports, as well as sport fishing. A point highlighted in the economy of San Rafael are the numerous wineries that produce the finest wines in the world. For this reason, it is highly recommended to make the tour called the wine route, where the turistapodra know the procedures and machinery used in the manufacture of fine wines, as well as from relics of the first machinery employed in the 18th century. We cannot speak of San Rafael without mentioning Las Lenas, the national capital of skiing. Only 207 km of the city of San Rafael, it is possible to find this tourist center that has nothing to envy to the best slopes in the world. Ultimately, tourism in Mendoza has reached a stage of maturity at the height of the most important tourist centers of Latin America.