Signal Slopes

  • 33. Excavation must be carried in recesses in layers, to prevent the implementation of 'undermining' education 'roofs'. 34. In the production of papers link (team) should be placed at a distance so as not to hurt working side by side. 35. Soil ejected from the trench or excavation, should be placed in accordance with BPD or technology card, while in all cases, the distance between the base of the slope of the ejected soil and edge pit must be at least 0.5 m. 36. Need to constantly monitor the state of excavation slopes, taking the necessary measures to prevent spontaneous avalanches.

    Boulders, rocks, soil detachment, and winter while clumps of frozen earth found on the slopes should be removed. 37. On the slopes, in any ground steeper than 1:1 and at a depth of grooves over 3 m, as well as on the slopes with a moist surface and steeper than 1:2 should be at work use safety belts, straps which must be secured. Attachment points are specified supervisor. At the top should be at least two employees who are ready in case of emergency immediately help.

    38. In mechanical shock loosening of frozen ground (the wedge – the hammer, the ball – hammer) should be outside the danger zone, designated the signal fence. 39. Cleaning ditches (ditches), following the course excavator should be carried out outside the danger zone (the maximum radius of rotation of boom plus 5 m). Empty the bucket of soil adhering to the closed position only when the bucket.