Simone Schwarz

  • 01803 – SOS FGM (767-346) for safe and practical protection of girls of Hamburg, the April 11, 2010. With SOS FGM has the task force now a child protection project started, which is unique in Germany and Europe. It focuses on the tangible protection of girls from a very specific violence: female genital mutilation. In Germany alone, up to 50,000 underage girls at risk must be classified. Up to 80% of these girls are actually subjected to female genital mutilation.

    Protection they could not count on so far with a few exceptions. The experience of the past years have shown that people who have attained concrete information about planned or already committed female genital mutilation, often do not know to whom they can turn. Also authorities and youth offices respond to often uncertain and hesitant, if vulnerable girls need to be protected. SOS FGM reacts exactly this circumstance and offers the knowledge of female genital mutilation now a focal point for people, gained have: for them the emergency number 01803 available SOS FGM (767-326). We make sure that quick and competent assistance is initiated and each individual case will be accompanied by consistent follow up. Authorities, youth offices and specialists: SOS FGM individual consultation in specific cases as well as subject-related training in the entire Federal territory offers.

    Aim is a safe, prudent and protection-oriented approach to cases which have the aim of genital mutilation. Women and girls are victims of female genital mutilation: The least victims know that usually are entitled to compensation from the German State (under the victims compensation law, OEG). SOS FGM informing victims of their rights and help them to assert their claims. This project is a milestone for the specific protection of children against serious violence and abuse, and contributes to the realization of their fundamental rights to life, dignity and integrity. More info on SOS FGM: contact: Simone Schwarz, Board member and spokeswoman of task force e.V. i.g.