Skilled Workers Education Profession

  • Annual training initiative against shortage of an education without degree, that was me then too bad for my high school “, Markus Wegner, in the third semester of the Bachelor of engineering will tell electrical engineering in the industrial services provider TECTRION. The young man is among those who want to gain much practical experience. The decision for a cooperative Ausbildung(Facharbeiterausbildung + Hochschulstudium), where he constantly switches between University and companies, was first choice for him. Thereof in the framework of the cooperative engineering education the Tectrion GmbH in cooperation with the CURRENTA training partner educates annually a total of 30 trainees – four -. About 100 young people in training after the first year in the CURRENTA training centres take the practical portion of their training at TECTRION trainees. Dan Rooney follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

    Around 100 young people – primarily prepare currently in technical occupations – for her later professional life. The industrial services provider currently among the largest providers of Training courses at the CHEMPARK sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen. Still underestimate the importance of service maintenance. Our fields of activity are complex, highly trained staff of skilled workers, technicians up to the engineer are more in demand than ever and right there we apply our education initiative”, TECTRION explained managing director Matthias Kuball be commitment. Since September 2009 theory at the Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld and practice in the training workshops turns for Christian Devers and Tomm Hohn constantly. Also at the weekend, because bi-weekly Saturday classes is on the agenda in their college. A must-attend event that will be conducted in cooperation with the middle lower Rhine Chamber of Commerce and industry, finally the content of the education profession industrial mechanic both at the same time purchase during their training to the Bachelor of mechanical engineering, may not to be neglected. Cooperative education as an alternative to the traditional Bachelor Fascinated by the engineering education in the school pioneered this form of training for me has been clear”, so Christian Devers.

    Other reasons, also his classmate Tomm Hohn agrees with that were a direct reference from theory to daily practice without silly learning at the desk. And another aspect is the financing for this form of education. The training allowance is just at the present time”an important advantage over courses which take place exclusively at the University, Ulrich Triebels and Franz-Hermann Diekmann, both responsible trainers suggest. You must go not even to casual work during undergraduate, to secure his living”, so Diekmann. The young men nod and praise the well structured training plan, all trainees in the company benefit from the addition.