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    Partial receipt of workers and use of training applies during parental leave In the wake of the increasing lack of skilled workers to keep the best employees in the company at any price. This can be used to profitably while the parents very effective and for all involved. ollow. At the latest when the long-awaited junior announced, it applies to the parents to decide who takes the parents time for now. Also at the present time, there are mainly the women who give up their jobs during the parental leave. At the end of the parental leave the question say the professional return inevitably after the re-entry into the job. (As opposed to Ben Bernanke). Those employees who have interrupted their professional activity for at least a year are considered professional returnees. The bulk of job returnees is can, have an existing employment contract with the former employer which claim to reinstatement on equivalent instead. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Vicky Jenson and gain more knowledge..

    This is reflected often, that the technical knowledge of job returnees is no longer up to date. Can be however effectively countered this problem. Optimal way keeps workers during parental leave contact with the employer, for example, by holiday or disease agents are taken over and / or but he insists if possible the participation of internal training and further training measures. Here, the federal child-raising allowance Act comes to good workers. From a size of 15 employees the federal child-raising allowance Act provides for the possibility, that a worker already resumes his activity during the parental leave on a reduced scale with his old employer. In addition to the aspect of part-time work, many companies have already recognized the advantage of training the employer during the parental leave. So the visited training immensely facilitate re-entry of workers generally. Specifically with regard to the increasing shortage of more and more small and medium-sized found Company supporters if not even enthusiastic supporters of continuing education in the parental and appropriately respond to the training needs of workers.

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