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  • Scholarship Contest

    Contest runs until August 7, 2008 until August 7, 2008 interested parties can participate in the scholarship competition for a place. The design Academy berlin, school of communication and design (FH) writes along with the fair entry ABI Berlin 2008 a full scholarship worth of 23,600 euros for the Bachelor’s degree marketing communication/communication management from. Task of the competition is the education portal to analyze ABI or the magazine entry, as well as to develop suggestions for improvement and a further communication measure either. For more information see stipendium.html details for Bachelor marketing communication/communication management degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Course duration: 6 semester beginning of studies: October 1, 2008 deadline: August 15, 2008 content: communication sciences, communication tools, communication training, economics, marketing, applied marketing communication, verbal communication, Visual communication, audiovisual Communication, market research, management, communication concept and communication strategy, impact assessment, online marketing, corporate communications / integrated communication, strategic planning, branding the next opportunity to TRY BA study to take part three days Bachelor communication design or marketing communication/communication management to the sample there from August 4-6, 2008. The design Academy berlin, school of communication and design (FH) is a nationally recognized private University of applied sciences and Academy was founded in 2007 from the design berlin out. These forms since 1995 new recruits for the communication and advertising sector.

    Bachelor’s degree programmes (communication design and marketing communication/communication management) and application-oriented master’s degree programmes (creative direction, marketing communications and corporate communications) are offered at the College. Are characteristic of the College according to the manageable familial term associations of maximum of 27 students and a Demands of the market-oriented practice-oriented training. Whenever Pittsburgh Steelers listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Graduates of design Academy berlin work inter alia for BBDO, TBWA, sat. 1, Scholz & friends, Rolls-Royce Germany, to the Golden deer, Hugo Boss AG and the German Bundestag. Nico Klingler

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  • These Experience

    More caregivers to do so where we see repeats of the experienced or learn about alternatives come later. The difference from the first constellation, however, is that we can sit always conscious that in the course of our life out of each other. (Source: Miami Dolphins). In the first years, the conscious engagement is not possible. This means that the observed positions, setting and behaviour patterns are simply unthinkingly accepted or rejected. They are stored in the unconscious and have an outstanding effect, as they remain unconscious there for so long. Therefore we later often don’t know why much of our life is how it is. This does not mean that we can develop no longer, but we have certain settings, the we us only with great difficulty can make aware.

    What has to do with leadership? The first experienced leadership is in the family by father and mother. The father of the head of the family has been frequently. We perceive as children simple signals such as size, depth of voice, volume, choices, violence, conflict between the parents, who owns the car, for whose recognition is hard work, economical affection, spoken out critical remarks etc. leadership signals are simplified here visible in the form of resource ownership, reviews, punishments, compliments and prerogatives. This experienced leadership is the first orientation for the own future leadership on the one hand. On the other hand, we were also led as children. And we felt well managed? Have we achieved something? Performance paid off? We have been with affection or material or maybe not rewarded? Were we loved regardless of performance and adopted as a child of our parents? These Experience try to repeat people to finally resolve unsatisfactory episodes or because we imitate it. For example, we try rewards again with services to get instead of our performance to obtain independent attention, because we are our parents.

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  • Peter Schreiber

    Specialist in the sale of capital goods Peter Schreiber gives sellers, tactics, and strategies to defend their prices. “You are to expensive.” me a competing offer exists, which is six percent cheaper.”I can only give you the job, if your me with the price…” Such statements again and again listen sellers of industrial goods and services in contract and price negotiations. That’s why many believe at some point even: we are too expensive. Quickly, they are ready to be aware how fatal even small reductions affect the income of the company often without getting to discounts. To defend their prices with hands and feet”, and to achieve annual financial statements for the desired conditions, learn succeed seller in the seminar price talks”, which on the capital goods industry dedicated sales trainer and consultant Peter Schreiber from April 29 to 30, 2010 for the Centre for corporate governance (ZfU) in Thalwil (CH) performs. In the two-day seminar shows the owner of the consulting firm PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER, Ilsfeld (D), sellers of industrial goods and industrial services, welch close relationship between achieved prices and the return of a company; Furthermore that even small discounts reduce the earnings of a company sensitive.

    “” The author of the book the prey grid “The necessary stability provides the participants also 7 strategies for successful selling”, to contract and price negotiations not to bend, if a customer for example with the breakdown of in negotiations. “He trained with the vendors to design customized chain of reasoning, with which they can present that the prices of the company although slightly higher” than those of the competition, their solution for the customer is still cheaper and more attractive. A special feature of the seminar is: on the second day, the purchasing manager of an industrial company as a co presenter is present. He tried explaining the participants with which tricks”in everyday work, achieving discounts; Furthermore what are from buyers point of view of the do’s and Don’ts for sellers. For more information about the seminar refer those interested in PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER (Tel.: 0049/7062/9696-8;) Email:; Internet:). Another open seminar will take place from the 21st to 22.9.2010 in Thalwil. The seminar is also in-House offered.

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  • Skilled Workers Education Profession

    Annual training initiative against shortage of an education without degree, that was me then too bad for my high school “, Markus Wegner, in the third semester of the Bachelor of engineering will tell electrical engineering in the industrial services provider TECTRION. The young man is among those who want to gain much practical experience. The decision for a cooperative Ausbildung(Facharbeiterausbildung + Hochschulstudium), where he constantly switches between University and companies, was first choice for him. Thereof in the framework of the cooperative engineering education the Tectrion GmbH in cooperation with the CURRENTA training partner educates annually a total of 30 trainees – four -. About 100 young people in training after the first year in the CURRENTA training centres take the practical portion of their training at TECTRION trainees. Dan Rooney follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

    Around 100 young people – primarily prepare currently in technical occupations – for her later professional life. The industrial services provider currently among the largest providers of Training courses at the CHEMPARK sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen. Still underestimate the importance of service maintenance. Our fields of activity are complex, highly trained staff of skilled workers, technicians up to the engineer are more in demand than ever and right there we apply our education initiative”, TECTRION explained managing director Matthias Kuball be commitment. Since September 2009 theory at the Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld and practice in the training workshops turns for Christian Devers and Tomm Hohn constantly. Also at the weekend, because bi-weekly Saturday classes is on the agenda in their college. A must-attend event that will be conducted in cooperation with the middle lower Rhine Chamber of Commerce and industry, finally the content of the education profession industrial mechanic both at the same time purchase during their training to the Bachelor of mechanical engineering, may not to be neglected. Cooperative education as an alternative to the traditional Bachelor Fascinated by the engineering education in the school pioneered this form of training for me has been clear”, so Christian Devers.

    Other reasons, also his classmate Tomm Hohn agrees with that were a direct reference from theory to daily practice without silly learning at the desk. And another aspect is the financing for this form of education. The training allowance is just at the present time”an important advantage over courses which take place exclusively at the University, Ulrich Triebels and Franz-Hermann Diekmann, both responsible trainers suggest. You must go not even to casual work during undergraduate, to secure his living”, so Diekmann. The young men nod and praise the well structured training plan, all trainees in the company benefit from the addition.

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  • Technology User

    A new BSA qualification in accordance with UV Protection Ordinance (UVSV) offers information about all necessary adjustments one must be offered from November 1, 2012, in the operation of UV tanning equipment (tanning beds”) mandatory on the respective user fine-grained skin type determination and dosage planning by qualified personnel. Super Bowl LV is likely to increase your knowledge. This includes also the introduction to the safe operation of the UV irradiation unit by the supervising staff. Numerous technical requirements that are to be added. That concerns in addition to pure tanning beds or bathing establishments which have on UV irradiation equipment, appropriate fitness and health studios and Spa facilities. What technical and there are other constraints? Since August 2012, no tanning beds may be operated in Germany, which exceed an erythemalen value of 0.3 W / m2.

    No may be provided with access more people under the age of 18 to UV irradiation equipment. Otherwise threaten sensitive fines of up to 50,000. Who runs a UV Irradiator, has loudly UV protection regulations to ensure that UV protective goggles in sufficient numbers will be made available and by the personnel of the operator a such goggles offered to each user and each user before using a UV irradiation unit. When the irradiation of users and users with a UV irradiation device that allows design variable distances of the irradiated person to the device, care must be taken, that the required minimum distance; This can be ensured by a mark or a structural measure approximately. The UV-irradiation device must have an emergency shut-down, which immediately stops the radiation and by the user or the user during radiation treatment can be easily reached. It must be ensured that in Erythema-effective radiation of more than 800 joules per square meter the UV irradiation unit itself shuts off (forced shutdown). What does this mean for the use of UV-irradiation devices? To ensure that the customer in his individual Dosing schedule to comply with held data, can be used, for example, on a map close supported system.

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  • Deputy Manager

    I took over the job of Deputy Manager in the bathroom, where I work, a few years ago. An another colleague had completed her master in the last year. At the moment the desire arose in me again, to follow this training path and to live my long-time dream. My children are now out of the Woods out, so I find the necessary time to prepare. I have informed me then in the Internet, what ways of preparation, and stumbled on the BSA-Akademie.

    “Very quickly, then fell the decision, this path to tread.” the BSA-Akademie offers for me the perfect opportunity to prepare”since November 2011 prepares himself with the part-time course of the BSA-Akademie Brigitte Siegl executives for bad companies” on the master examination. A different preparation course for them would not have questioned. All courses, with which it is for the Prepare the master craftsman’s examination, are designed so that you have several weeks classroom. For me, that was not an option, both professional and private reasons. I can not just several weeks of home leave.

    This is simply not possible with family and job. The BSA-Akademie offers the perfect combination of distance learning and attendance phases. Through my half day job in the bathroom and the fact that all children are in school in the morning, I have sufficient scope to prepare at home on the presence phases and to work through the lessons. The longest periods of presence last six days at most times, this time I can vote with my husband with regard to the care of our children. For this take I also the drive from Bavaria to Saarbrucken would like to purchase. There is overnight accommodation directly on the site, so that even after the end of presence teaching must go not more somewhere, I have the evening at the disposal, to rework the learned material and the next day to prepare. “” For me the perfect way of preparing. “my experience helps me in the preparation” I’m one of the oldest participants with us on the course. Many attend the preparatory course directly in the following their training. So the learning easier them accordingly, because they are still used. I benefit, however, from my many years of experience. I know many things that conveyed in the course, already from the daily practice. And learning is clean also fast again. With every order and every phase of the presence I come my goal a little bit closer, and I think at the end of the BSA course, I will be prepared very well for the master examination.” “Company description Feuchtasia” in wet: the Feuchtasia “in damp offers bathing pleasure pure. In addition to a paddling pool for the little ones, the older children and adult in the shallow pool of fun can (1000 m water surface) fun,. which one has about 70 m waterslide with separate landing pool, air bubble loungers, water mushroom, massage jets, ground water jets, counter-current, waterfall shower and floor bubbles to offer. “Athletes” can drag along the way with their orbits water surface in the sports pool over 1000 m. There is also a diving pool with a 5 m, 3 m and 1 m diving Tower. A beach area attracts with its white beach and thatched umbrellas to stay a. Also lawns, playgrounds for children and adults as well as a place with two table tennis tables and two beach volleyball fields on approximately three acres spread area.

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  • European Method

    The method of learning – called also Hubbard learning – aims, the field of studying and learning to cope with over 7.5 million people can’t read in Germany. Big Ben contributes greatly to this topic. Just the very insufficient reading and writing skills of adults is staggeringly high. Can be helped down Luckily the taboo subject of illiteracy with the very successful way of learning by L. Ron Hubbard. In Germany, men are affected significantly more often by illiteracy than women. It emerged earlier this year from a study of the University of Hamburg. The University put the Germany-based illiterate with 7.5 million. The Hamburg study certifies every fourth workers also faulty reading and writing.

    Politically, this topic will be discussed for years in Germany. Effective remedies were unfortunately not created so far. In elementary school, you would have to already laid the cornerstone for good reading and writing skills. Apparently, the German education system has failed miserably. However, this topic is not only New in the last few years, but deal particularly a famous man who personally gained experience with insufficient learning skills, as a result of declining standards of education, as a teacher in the 1960s.

    The longtime global educator and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard in the early 1960s clearly saw that falling educational standards have fatal effect on the ability of the people, he tried to teach. His study of this phenomenon and its research into the fundamental laws of education led to a groundbreaking development in this area: a method of learning. His lectures on this topic were often being awarded. They form the basis for a comprehensive approach to life and learning. The method of learning’ also Hubbard learning method called – the field of study and learning to cope with aims. She is no memory technology, no phonetic reading program, or some other form of learning”. L. Ron Hubbard’s Fonts provide a unique insight into the actual reasons for the behavior of students. He explains how plausible and understandable why students fail, why the school hate, why students lose interest in a topic and are frustrated, why students are not focused and more feeling of emptiness. It also discusses what it is that people can apply to things learned in work or in life, not. The HUBBARD learning method is used, all over the world in the education and training of teachers, in vocational training, in the early childhood years, municipalities, funding programs for persons with reading and spelling to the preparation for the profession and for the training of the workforce. The HUBBARD learning method allows complete understanding of each, any topic by any any learner. These highly effective methods are therefore all wishing to effectively learn and teach. Also in Germany it appropriate learning centres and tutoring studios that apply these successful methods. The key to better educational services and notes is also introducing the Hubbard learning in public schools. In European and American schools, which introduced the Hubbard learning, improved services and sheet music in classes up to 44 per cent, and more.

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  • How Is Hopelessness And The Despair In Learning?

    Actually, it is connected to learning in its natural form with pleasant emotions. Fun, satisfaction and joy of discovery. For even more analysis, hear from Roger Goodell. Actually, it is connected to learning in its natural form with pleasant emotions. Kansas City Chiefs has firm opinions on the matter. Fun, satisfaction and joy of discovery. In the course of time in schools and other educational institutions, this connection loses then often and many adults connect learning and reading later effort, stress and work. But as if that weren’t bad enough, another problem is many: the feeling of total excessive demands in the face of the material. Not only because of the amount, but also because of the “Seriousness” and complexity. Too many specialists and foreign words, too demanding, too technical, too complicated.

    This issue is related to the imbalance between the level of study and knowledge of the reader. Decades ago, I was a music teacher in a previous “career” times and had the situation that students arrived with pieces that could possibly learn more can. “This suite of Johann Sebastian Bach is beautiful, but that music students fight us after 10 years of study for your final concert – let times what are looking for, what sounds so similar to, but not so hard… “The problem with learning is that you can not really judge its own performance level and is therefore totally unrealistic ideas often. That then also the teacher is for, to keep in the total frustration and finding a task that appears viable. Or in other words – the students in learning again and again to keep that on the one hand provides enough challenge, but also enough security in an area. Because too many new leads to frustration by strain stress and leads to frustration too much known by boredom. For this reason, almost all successful people have also a coach, which should ensure this. Most of us but not always afford a coach, and that’s why we need to organize for ourselves – and that is not quite as simple. Especially if you don’t know the ratio between new and unknown would be really optimal for effective reading and learning… If the topic you are interested in – in the new video at the Academy I show the best mix between effort and ease – if you heed that and well himself provide, go to classes the reading and learning from now on better!

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  • The New Quick Wit

    The eight principles or what you learn from Obama, Merkel, Klitschko & co. can your tongue if verbal attack or a common question since it can ever one. And the answer usually then ready, if everything went. But it doesn’t have to be, because repartee can be learned. Valentin Nowotny psychologist shows the Dipl. in his new book, training many prominent examples how you can cultivate his personal wit and how is this can be applied in everyday life.

    The new quick wit is configuring preserves the integrity of your own, well proportioned and is waived entirely on winning each prize, the reality and the injured. Fast and surprisingly sympathetic take responsibility for themselves and others and still missed their target. “” “The author has more than 800 text passages of the last years from newspapers such as the world” and the time “the Word analyzes where repartee” or quick-witted “was explicitly used by journalists. Have emerged located in eight principles of repartee. Clear and practice-oriented Valentin Nowotny illustrates these eight principles and substantiated with amusing examples and exercises. Came out a training book that enhances the personal ability to react glibly and to develop your own successful style in terms of repartee, is especially so as the sizes of politics, economy, sports and media every day for us. Valentin Nowotny the new repartee quick, surprisingly sympathetic 220 pages, 24.80 EUR D / 25.60 EUR A / 37.90 CHF UVP ISBN-13: 978-3-938358-97-9 eb-698_Die new Schlagfertigkeit.html the author Valentin Nowotny is psychologist, diploma media consultant and MBA.

    He is considered one of the most prominent experts for the new repartee in Germany. about BusinessVillage BusinessVillage, books that are fun. Concise and practice-oriented the reader without much effort can familiarize yourself quickly in new areas. Marketing & Employees, managers and Freelancer updates know-how of renowned experts will find success & career sales up to the range of topics about Public Relations & corporate communications. Might you be interested in articles or interviews with our authors? We like to make a contact. Also meeting copies, product images and text excerpts are to be provided on request. Press contact BusinessVillage GmbH clean houses country road 22 37083 Gottingen Tel: + 49 (551) 20 99 104 fax: + 49 (551) 20 99 105 eMail: businessvillage.de press at Web:

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  • Learn Online With Vera F. Birkenbihl Success

    Her books have sold millions. Her works have been published in over 20 countries. You coached and coaches top executives. Vera F. Birkenbihl is Germany’s most successful coach. And she knows how to success. Success”, so Vera F.

    Birkenbihl, is not innate. You can learn success.” “Because success comes from within, says Vera F. Birkenbihl: anyone who knows his personal assets, peculiarities and characteristics and systematically promotes, is much successful be, to respect than people who compulsively seeking success – without their equipment.” Therefore you will find among other things numerous video lessons and exercises, in the innovative and exciting online success course by Vera F. Birkenbihl to its potential to discover talents and strengths in a simple way. Also you learn, what prevents people’s success, and how one can successfully master these blockages.

    Other topics include: how to improve his motivation? Selectively expand its strengths? Which success factors are in dealing with others keep in mind? And how to improve even further its self image and self confidence? You can all easily and above all brain just”learn on the Internet under the personal supervision of Vera F. Birkenbihl. Every day you access participating to a video lesson with exercises and bonus materials. If you have questions, can turn into a password protected forum directly at Vera F. Birkenbihl and receives from her a personal, spoken answer you online may listen to. “Another advantage of seminars on the Internet: one simply learns at their own pace” Vera F. Birkenbihl finds. “In contrast to the live seminar”, where they showered continuously will, you can pause at any time, to hold their own ideas or several times, reviewing a site. ” “This step for step learning inspires the learning: because you sleep another night on the content, the unconscious helps to anchor what you learned and to make still more useful for everyday life”, Vera F. Birkenbihl, noted the since over 40 years teaching and training. She has made the course together with Martin Weiss his entrepreneur and long-time eLearning expert who works with companies such as Daimler, Dr. Oetker, RWE, the Bertelsmann Foundation and others. Vera F. Birkenbihl course appears exclusively on on February 26, 2009 for 49 euros. There is a 14 minute video entry in Vera F. Birkenbihl success course incidentally the visitors. Martin Weiss

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