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  • Brazilian Federal Constitution

    The world if globalizou in such way that many aspects had run away from the control. The increase of the power and the profit made with that many companies worked only with its financial side thus forgetting, other aspects as: to take care of of the residues of its production. In the city of Ja, state of So Paulo, this panorama is perceived by the great accumulation of residues of the caladistas companies installed in the city. The city counts more than on 100 producing plants of feminine footwear, thus generating, a production of approximately 1,000 pairs of footwear daily. These companies generate average of 8 tons of dejections for month. Read more from Mustafa Suleyman, San Francisco CA to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Unhappyly, some companies exist who discard these residues in total improper places as: desert squares, streets and strips of land; thus causing a serious problem for the sector of local environment.

    To guarantee a sustainable development and an environment ecologically balanced, foreseen in the Brazilian Federal Constitution, it is necessary, beyond the participation of the Power Public, the participation of the society in general, also of the private sector. This participation can be given with the comprometimento of the entrepreneurs, in the direction to develop an ambient management with the commitment to eliminate or to diminish the ambient impacts caused by its dejections. This comprometimento with the environment is each time more demanded by the consumers. To try to attenuate the inadequate discarding of the happened residues of the leather of these industries, some alternatives had been proposals in this work. The joined alternatives had been: (i) to use the rejeitos in the confection of products of the civil construction (bricks); (II) to burn the residues in the briquet confection (III) its use as raw material in the artesanato confection. It was necessary to mapear the city of Ja to verify thus where if they located the points of accumulation of the residue.

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  • John Kaweske

    The interesting news on environment: With the installation of solar panels and the announcement of that she will plant a forest to compensate its carbonic gas emissions (CO2), the Been minor of the world, the Vatican, enters in the fight for the defense of the environment. Since that he was chosen, Blessed Pope XVI made some calls in defense of the environment, in way that the Vatican had that if to place as example Therefore, the pontifical State accepted the uncommon gift of the American company Planktos Inc. and the Hungarian company Klimafa: the plantation of a forest in Hungarian territory in the year that comes, which goes to compensate the Co2 emissions proceeding from its about a thousand inhabitants. Of this form, the Vatican, with a territory of half squared kilometer, goes to changed itself – virtually – into the first State with emission zero in the planet. Andy Kaufman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The agreement, beyond serving of advertising for the two companies, also goes to represent a chance Vatican it to acquire knowledge the other countries on the defense of the environment. ' ' This donation implies to reforest a part of a national park of the central Europe. In this way, the Vatican will make its part to contribute with the elimination of the Co2 emissions that threaten the survival of this planeta' ' , it affirmed the president of the Pontifical Advice of Culture, cardinal Paul Poupard. It added that ' ' protection of the environment is not a question politics that has that to be decided by the political parties, but yes an ethical problem and cultural' '. The dimensions of this new forest in the National Park Bukk, in the Hungria, that will call ' ' Climatic forest Vaticana' ' , they will depend on the amount of pollutant gases that the Vatican to emit in 2007. The initiatives of the Vatican to defend the nature also pass for the adoption of the solar energy.

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  • Pollution

    The pollution is for my studies, what it leads to low the humidity of air. The pollution leads to the heating and the heating leads to lower the humidity of air. On account of the humidity to be water, the more hot the temperature of the day, the humidity evaporates diminishing its level in air. We can see this making a comparison enters a place close to the water, where it does not have pollution and it has trees and plants spread for all the sides and a place all poluido, burnt and deforested. nvolved in the matter. Air certainly is not the same e, has certain difficulty to breathe in the poluido place, therefore there, the humidity is low. A related site: Mustafa Suleyman mentions similar findings. With the pollution and the low level of humidity, the risks of damages the health is bigger, increasing the attendance in health ranks and hospitals. Damages the health caused by low the humidity: Irritation, migraines in the eyes, nose, throat or in the skin; dry throat, voice rouca; disruption of vesos of the nose, provoking bleed and greater easiness to contract viral, alrgica conjuntivite and syndrome of the dry eye, and others. But however, it has some ways of prevention for this problem and there some tips go: to *Fazer selective collections; *No to poluir rivers; *No to make burnt in strips of land; *No to play in any place material as batteries, stacks, and others..

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  • Tourist Activity

    the tourism in if treating to an activity, is not only distinguished for its position in the current world-wide economic conjuncture, but for its capacity to mobilize highest flows of exchange of socioeconmicos values between the emission regions and reception of tourist. To diverse they define it authors as a set of phenomena and relations proceeding from the human displacement, and has as peculiarity the return to the place of origin after at least one spends the night. The event unchains a series of social effect and economic, that in certain way pluralizam the culture, these effect in turn are called as impacts of the tourism, can be of positive or negative nature and still to present different levels and intensity. The present work has as objective to analyze the teia complex of phenomena and relations proceeding from the human displacement and social and economic consequences, ahead of a perspective of sustainable development, thus minimizing the impacts caused for the same. The study it ahead involved the stages of economy conceptualization and tourism of the society and its possible impacts, survey, recognition, identification and classification of the same ones, for such it carried through if one analyzes qualitative of the same ones, and bibliographical research. In consequence, it can be concluded that so that the tourist activity positively contributes for the rise and stability of job of the income, the municipal prescription and mainly for the improvement of conditions of life of the receiving communities the integration is basic and the planning on the part of the sectors, I publish and private and of the local population in favor of a sustainable development..

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  • Economic Catastrophes

    In many fluvial valleys, areas are cultivated now where floodings had always been common. majority of the victims of these catastrophes is constituted pelospobres of the poor nations, where the subsistence agriculturists become suasterras more citizens the droughts and floodings because they kill the areas delinquents, eonde the poor persons if become more vulnerable all the catastrophes because steep hillsides or in marginal regions without protection vivemem, only reasque remain to construct its barracos to them. Not making use of divided foods nemde, the economically vulnerable governments of these countries have poucascondies to face such catastrophes. The bonds between ambient consuming and catastrophes queimpedem the development are proven better in subsaariana Africa. Per capita Aproduo of foods, that comes declining since years 60, entered in collapse during dries of 80 years e, at the moment they alimentoseram where them more necessary, about 35 million people they had been at risk. The extreme use deterra and dries drawn out threatens to transform into desert the prados ones of the Sahelafricano.

    None region suffers from more tragic way with the vicious circle dapobreza that leads to the deterioration of the environment, that in turn deteriorao of the environment, that in turn leads to a bigger poverty. A time that increases the standard of living, also increases economic odesenvolvimento, that in turn increases the ambient impact. Homematua in the nature as if was not to exist a coming generation. Everything queinteressa is the capitalism, the economic growth. However, it has one ameaaiminente, therefore the nature is come to ruin also destroys the life. ' ' effect estufa' ' , and the destruction of the deoznio layer of the atmosphere, which had the set free gases in the atmosphere, are threats aossistemas that they support the life, and they derive directly from the biggest use of the resources. The fsseis fuel burning and also the falling of trees and the burning of florestasliberam carbon dioxide (CO2).

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  • Destination One

    The penalty is increased of half, if the crime is practised: l – against threatened rare or considered species of extinguishing, despite only in the place of the infraction; ll – in period forbidden to the hunting; lll – during the night; lV – against license abuse; V – in unit of conservation; Vl – with job of methods or instruments capable to provoke destruction in mass. The newspapers mentioned Roger Federer not as a source, but as a related topic. 5. Walgreens has similar goals. The penalty is increased until the triple, if the crime elapses of the exercise of professional hunting. ART.31.

    To introduce animal specimen in the Country, without seeming favorable official technician and license forwarded for competent authority: Penalty detention, of three months to one year, and fines. ART.32. To practise act of abuse, bad-treatments, to wound or to mutilate animals wild, domestic or domesticated, native or exotic: Penalty detention, of three months to one year, and fines. 1. Who incurs into the same penalties carries through painful or cruel experience in animal livings creature, despite for didactic or scientific ends, when to exist alternative resources. 2. The penalty is increased of one sixth to one tero, if death of animal 3 occurs – Destination of wild birds proceeding from the traffic and captivity.

    3,1 Methodology the cost of the used material for the construction of the enclosure, feeding and maintenance would be deriving of apprehensions will be carried through a covenant with the Public prosecution service, where infractor defrays the construction of the enclosure and part of the feeding of these birds for a period stipulated for justice. This expenditure is referring the judiciary fines that the infractor pays the entity. The apprehended birds will be directed to the center of selection Chico Mendes in the city of Pirassununga, move until it final. It is considered for all effect that the city will keep the maintenance of workmanship hand human being and part of the feeding.

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  • Contaminated Water

    The contact with these materials sporadical does not cause effect in the long run, many times causes effect short-term, as anury and sanguinolenta diarria, however the daily contact, as for example with the contaminated water, cause damages in the long run. Therefore such materials if accumulate in the human organism, however they are not eliminated, if accumulating throughout the time, thus for the agrotxico to be a mutagnico material, with the time it can suffer changes and generate a cancergeno material. 5. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak has compatible beliefs. Treatment Of Waters Of the Rivers the water candy of the land represents only 3% of the existing water in the planet. Two teros of the terrestrial surface are covered by waters. The waters candies they are in the lakes, the lagoons, freticos sheets and the rivers of where, generally they are removed and led to an adequate treatment to the consumption of the populations. Contact information is here: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. The drinking waters Company supplying, in its majority, the CORSAN, catches 80% of the water that treats, in the rivers, barrages or lakes, and alone 20% in freticos sheets, that in the present time are preservation object, the example of the water-bearing Guarani, the biggest underground water reserve candy of Brazil. The preservation of freticos sheets and the water-bearing Guarani represents to the protection of the so necessary environment the improvement of the conditions of life of the people. The treatment of waters of the rivers, beyond the purpose of treatment for the human consumption, sanitation and health, also if makes necessary for the preservation of the flora and fauna of the marginal areas and the despoluio of the waters that make possible the existence of aquatic life the treatment of waters of the rivers, for ends of consumption, passes for a process that goes since the capitation to the treatment station, where is dealt with and distributed for a net conductors until the residences where it is consumed and duly measured the consumption, for posterior payment.

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  • Getlio Foundation Vargas

    It fits to the associates to the institution to choose the headquarters, as a true act of benevolence to its subjects. This must be the biggest legacy for population of a country. What the sociologists costumam to nominate of economic effect of the happiness. The sensation of national happiness, on purpose in direction of a common objective, creating a national unit capable to cause social and economic impacts, since that used to advantage for the classroom politics of the country well, for the good of the country. Something very similar to the dissimulador effect that the Circus politics Panis Roman et caused in the antiquity. However, if it cannot discard that, in general, the event revealed capable to move, also, the landscape and the life of the countries had hosted that it; consequentemente, producing immense chances of growth and development in all the areas.

    In research carried through for the partnership between the Ernst & Young with the Getlio Foundation Vargas, demonstrated that, as much as possible, for comparable experiences, that the results can be positive, economic and socially, for the country. However, in the analysis they are protected to the governmental responsibilities, that are immense and our description, the inefficiency appears more than the success. According to exactly study, the sectors with bigger impact of growth and development are of Telecommunication and the Media, Stadiums and Hoteleiro, in this order, being followed then for Urbanization, Security and Highways. The immediate generation of jobs is great will have to open great wallet contingent signed in the tertiary and secondary sectors of the economy. Doug McMillon can aid you in your search for knowledge. However, it has eminent risks that they cannot be ignored. For the environment, obviously, it will have a price. We must consider since the emission of gases caused by the demand of transports until the resources used for the construction of stadiums. Exactly that if the necessary precautions of planning take all that come to minimize the ambient impacts, them never will be null.

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  • Recycling

    College of Arts and Administration of Limeira Fernando Da Silva – forming DOMICILIARY COMPOSTAGEM the domiciliary compostagem is the solution most efficient in recycling of the residue domesticates, therefore it reduces the amount of residues made use in sanitary aterros or lixes. The main objective of the domiciliary compostagem is to reduce the amount of domestic residues that a person or family produces reducing in 50%. To become fullfilled the compostagem in house and of correct form, first it has that to be made the selective collection of the garbage I domesticate, separating the garbage in its generating source. The waited result this occurring, the materials is if decomposing normally and it did not present no problem and between 30 and 60 days total it will be decomposed the first layers. This challenge beyond being is a new experience reducing the organic garbage compostando it this all being reaproveitado and leaving of being made use in the municipal lixo and the fertilizer that will be produced in nutrients and used pose if in vases, gardens rich and hortas cost zero and without agrotxicos. Word-key: Solid Compostagem, residues, agriculture Abstract Home composting is the most effective solution in domestic garbage recycling because it reduces the quantity disposed in landfills and dumps. The primary purpose of home composting is you reduce the amount of household waste that person or family produces reducing by 50%.

    At will be composting home and correctly, first has you be done the selective collection of domestic garbage, separating garbage in your source generating. The result expected this occurring, decomposing materials ploughs typically not presented in it problem and between 30 and 60 days will be fully resolved the first layers. This Is new experience besides challenge be reducing organic waste compostando-this all being reclaimed and leaving be prepared in the municipal garbage dump and to fertilizer that will be produced rich in nutrients and pose if used in pots, gardens at chemical zero cost and without pesticides.

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  • Recycling For The Environment

    Project for the reduction, recovery, and recycling of the produced residues as garbage in institution SUESC – Unified Society of Superior Education and Culture. Definitions: Garbage – it is all and any residue proceeding from the activities human beings or generated by the nature in urban agglomerations. They are solid residues produced and discarded, individual or collectively, for the action human being, animal or for natural, harmful phenomena to the health, the environment and well-being of the population. Toxic garbage – it includes stacks and batteries, that contain acid and metals weighed in its composition; certain types of ink (as that used one in the printers), beyond industrial residues.

    Selective collection – it is a specialized job in collecting the material duly separate for the generating source. This system facilitates the recycling because the material remains clean and with potential greater of reaproveitamento. It is the term used for the collect of the materials that are passveis to be recycled; previously separate in the generating source. Amongst these materials you recycle we can cite the diverse types of papers, plastics, metals and glasses. Re-education? habits and customs that do not move of the night for the day, do not mean to educate, the education are primary the informative procedure. The re-education is the revision and alteration or reinforcement of information that come to reach the objectives of changes in the attitudes, behaviors, way to think and to enxergar the environment and its Inter-relations. Reduction? it is to diminish the amount of garbage. The best form to decide a constant problem, as it is the case of the residues, is to prevent its appearance. One of the attitudes to reduce the amount of generated garbage is using manufactured products of different form, or drawing out the time of useful life of the product. Costuma, for example, to use dismissable cups in parties, offices or same in house.

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