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  • Guests Again

    Again, guest! Well, again, will soon come visit. Do I have time to go to the bathroom before their arrival, or you'll suffer the whole dinner? No, I do not have time, perhaps. Okay. Then. Damn, I hate these noisy guests. Here they are also absolutely do not know how to behave. C threshold begin to yell and tell unfunny jokes.

    And we will suffer and strained smile throughout the evening. And this, Lena. That's what most of the displays themselves. Well, so there must be Well! She eats with us all the salads, all meats, and then sits and complains that the pressure has risen. Still, so much to eat! Her pressure rises because the meat is eaten begins to put pressure on the veins.

    Phew! And that Athanasius? It's all a nightmare! So slurp! Well, so who chomps at all? As if his cheek someone mike mikes. Such a noise from his mouth. A mustache on his foul drains all, that neither drank. Beer – on the tablecloth, tea – on the tablecloth. I'd take one day and tore it would be damn mustache with a root! Why? Do not wash the same cloth each time after it! Oh, how I hate it! I wonder if Sasha would come? That's it I love. That's all good. Arrives early, leaves early, eats little, says quietly. The legs, of course, stinks, but it's nothing. This is the lesser of two evils. Lord, I hope today will not come Petrov. That would be hell. Never seen such a disgusting family. They always hold the handle! Lisp all the time! Wife Petrov I do one has ever seen. Like taped it to his wife. I remember the case was We invited him to football with the men, took over a beer, standing in front of the stadium, smoke, talk, wait, then Andryukha Petrov. And then from far does not move one, but two silhouettes! That is, Andrew, of course, goes, but that's just the hand holding his plump burden. On the football with my wife! We must also think he is at all. On the football! It may, however stuck to his hand? Or will he lose a bet to her something and now must walk together all the time? In any case, if they come again – it Well Happy faces at them again the whole evening to watch. Again, the hand with Andrew not greet – it is the woman hanging. People such as NBA would likely agree. Ugh, not a man at all as sober as a judge! Mom forgot to call. I had to invite her. And then my wife called her as usual witches, and a normal person forever no place at the table with us. Sorry for late call already. Now because the thresholds have been creak, the door will ring us zatreschat tables, plates are empty, salads evaporate. That there should … – Lesch, Lesch, well, where are you? Get out of the wardrobe you already! Gone for a long time all the guests! Here you always hide there and sit there like a king with comfort. And I understand all of the guests, feed them. Unfair! The next time I'm hiding in the dressing room. Went to sleep. Material provided by Mr. Dores

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  • Source Magazine

    It was hand to hand, you can determine that themselves represents the people, they will say about the kind of its activities. Men's hands can be rough and tender, tender and passionate. First of all, must be clean and neat with nails. Bitten with the dirt under the nails hands repel women. 4. Beard or unshaven face light now in vogue.

    State of mild unshaven gives a certain charm, and his beard is an attribute of wisdom and solidity. Contact information is here: Larry David. Currently a small percentage of women prefer men with a beard or a three-day unshaven. Much better face looks fresh and clean-shaven. As for the hair on his chest, the female population is divided into two groups. Some prefer hairy men in these places, and for other women is unacceptable. 5. Belly – beer "belly" was no longer in vogue.

    Not every woman will rush into the arms of a man with a huge belly and flabby muscles. Women want to see near a sports and healthy man. In fact, a flat muscular stomach – within reach for each one of us! 6. Buttocks – elastic buttocks is also a place that attracts the eyes of women. Beautiful male buttocks arouse women are stronger than all other advantages of the stronger sex. A man with a muscular, elastic and slightly curved 'stern' of sex is strong, tough and energetic. 7. Growth-In Icelandic and Swedish sagas indispensable feature of masculinity was tall. He associated with strength and masculinity. Now a confident man – a career and love the small size – not a problem! Studies by Western sociologists have shown that the fair sex still skeptical view the prospect of dating and love with the little man. Although geneticists say: low to men sexier than their tall counterparts. According to a global survey, the ideal male body in the woman's eyes is as follows: broad shoulders, tall, narrow hips – a mix that makes the male body attractive .. In addition, the man should be in good working form and above all accurate in terms of hygiene. I hope Tips men's magazine MensMag, will inspire men to lead more active lives. Male Source Magazine – MensMag

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