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  • How Do You Pee In The Space, Mr. Jahn

    The first German astronaut at Strasbourg Vaisseau told of his adventures in Strasbourg – which explicitly bilingual Science Center le Vaisseau was last Saturday fully in German hands. Check with Mustafa Suleyman, London UK to learn more. The reason: The Interactive Science Centre for children had celebrities visiting from Germany. Sigmund Jahn, who visited space in 1978 was the first German, was at the Vaisseau guest, and held science enough to eat before the big and small visitors in the framework of the Conference series”a lecture about this experience. Jahns visit was one of the highlights of this year’s program of the Science Center, which focuses on the universe and space on the occasion of the international year of astronomy. “So the former astronaut visited also the current temporary exhibition planet Mars an alien exhibition ‘ the Vaisseau and showed up from playful staged concept, that it is aligned, to expose this scientific subject matter exciting children, excited. Was also thrilled the audience. While the children banned listened to the stories of the training in the swivel chair, zero gravity and the hard landing, was the generation of young parents who have experienced space travel in their own childhood as acclaimed media event Jahns, rather emotionally touched by the encounter. His vivid presentation, in which the Spry 72jahrige showed many of his photos of themselves taken, he was the curiosity of his small audience. It was enormous and as he answered questions, whether on aliens think (no, he doesn’t), whether he at the start had scared (he was excited, but he found only debilitating anxiety), why fly people into space at all and how to in weightlessness can sleep, drink, but above all to the bathroom (which however a challenge was!). As then, the thirst for knowledge of the audience and in connecting the autographs and photos were satisfied hunger and home were the visitors with shining eyes, the Mission of the Vaisseau has once again confirmed: science is fun! Susanne Richter

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  • Ballooning (ballooning) – The Joy Of Floating Hot Air Balloon

    Ballooning is the great way through the skies to float for centuries humanity now floats in a hot air balloon in the air. Often the ballooning as the last adventure of mankind is one of this was the end of the nineties nonstop circumnavigation of the Swiss Bertrand Piccard. Already in 1783, the brothers invented hot-air balloon hot air balloon is still the principle of hot air today equal. Now, the balloons have become modern. However, today and in this country you can rise and show up the scenery from the top in a balloon basket. Get experienced balloon pilot and licensed balloon ride operators in the blue sky to a special experience to enjoy at the starting point of your choice. There are currently more than 100 balloon ride company in Germany. All drive with hot-air balloons, as the traditional systems of gas balloons are too costly.

    The precious gas is there only rarely and has become very expensive. Special gas tank with propane gas can with a hot-air balloon, however, fill the balloonists can This means that start on any any meadow. The construction of the balloon, the balloon pilots called this upgrade”takes about half an hour and is part of the events for each rider. Many hands are needed to build the basket, to download the cover and fill this first it cold air. The balloon is ready to go, get up to ten passengers in the wicker basket and let’s go!” Forests, valleys, rivers, and towns it goes almost silent, only interrupted by the necessary roar of the balloon’s burner. After a one and a half hours, the pleasure is over and the Erstgefahrene will receive a Peerage and a precious document. For people who have everything, a balloon ride is gift idea for birthday, Christmas or even the wedding a successful air sports. Arrangements including hotel and dinner are often of the balloon pilots offered. (Manfred Romeling)

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  • Flirtpubde

    Tips to the most and second most beautiful thing in the world: football and flirting if it goes well, you can concentrate together the second most beautiful thing after the game. Because since at the World Cup 2006, the games by public viewing have been to the party event, also women of the great mood can be infected and unimagined flirt enjoy it. What seemed inconceivable earlier works these days better than in every Disco: flirting with the football. Already before the game after a potential flirt partners take a look around and position it close to seek eye contact, smile and stay always nice on the ball then go to the dribbling and address such as “I hope we win today” continue with Small Talk and take it pretty easy (easy warm up) put on speed boost at half-time and a common beer buy after second half: waiting for exciting scoring chances and feelings run free slowly but surely let go in the attack and score when the door is: fixed itself ran press, look deep into your eyes and kiss! When reciprocated the kiss is: penalty sunk. If not: replace on the bench or players after the game is before the game: there has been still no (flirt) world champion from the sky! A suitable training partner / a suitable flirting partner you will find playful on Flirtpub.de (www.flirtpub.de) about flirting pub: flirt pub is a product of WEBMIDO – an Internet and advertising agency from South Germany.

    Webmido offers database solutions, shop solutions, presentations, domain registrations, Web video, advertising concepts and Internet solutions. Flirt pub is one of the oldest dating from Webmido, and was awarded the eline award. Flirt pub became known among other things through his witty and imaginative video podcasts around the subject of flirting, which one podcast can watch free on all video portals and on the homepage. Since early 2009 Webmido is a member of the largest German Internet Association eco “.

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  • The Hostel

    This world-class surf spots were also nicknamed “the Hawaiian the island of Fuerteventura A Europe”. Actually, Fuerteventura has because who expected will be surely disappointed its very own charm, this tropical rain forest and rich culture, but nevertheless the island attracts thousands of tourists with their bizarre lunar landscapes every year in its spell. That is in addition to the white and often deserted sandy beaches and coves, the azure waters and the 365 sunny days a year in the but and even lost a little rain. Therefore, we say dear 350 days of Sun and are probably on the safe side. Clear a spot of sunshine can be found somewhere on the island, therefore, also the other statement is quite alright.

    The unique of Fuerteventura is the beach variety and great surf spot. As the wave and wind conditions, and the weather can change frequently, the likelihood on the perfect wave is low, if it remains always on the same beach. Rafael Nadal will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Sporthostel searches with the Sporthostel surf school with the participants of the surf course and the Surf camp taglcih for the best beach and the best surf spot. So on to the square Fuerteventura, where there are the best waves for the appropriate surf level surf students. No gravel road (and there are some) is therefore to dusty, not a pothole too deep and too steep, because somewhere always a breaking good wave and the experienced and ISA licensed instructors explain no mountain road detailed the movements of each new beach and bring your simple and meaningful co-ordinated exercises everyone on board.

    Surf student accommodation is available at the Surf camp, which is situated in the surf & dive Hostel / Hotel in El Cotillo to the North of the island. In addition, the participants can even apartments of the categories of classic”Deluxe” choose. A small programme is always included in the camp life and completes the whole. You can do anything with other surf students after surfing, together explore the island, eat tapas, cooking bemeinsam Grill, chilli or make the party go to Corralejo. Also shopping trips, yoga, snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports are offered. The Hostel and apartments are located in close proximity to the sea and are equipped with attention to detail offer so everything the surfer’s heart desires. If you like to want to learn surfing in Fuerteventura & looking for tips to surf and/or would like to stay at the Surf camp of Sporthostel, then look just on the Web site at. The whole Sporthostel team will be happy to know you care and to share the love to surf with you. Maybe till soon T.Stark

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  • Kylie Minogue

    I am also already, to visit the shows themselves.” Holiday on ice show Tropicana abducted the audience in a short holiday with South American flair with the best hits of Barry Manilow the latest production of holiday on ice. Barry Manilow delivers his most beautiful melodies for the Ice show were rearranged and animate to sing with,-klatschen and bikes. Tropicana offers viewers a mixture of spectacular acrobatics on ice, a gigantic LED wall as yet still not seen before multimedia stage and rousing songs. Barry Manilow thrilled the audience with his show since 2005 at the Las Vegas Hilton sold out. He has sold over 76 million.

    “” Copacabana”, I write the songs” or Mandy ‘ successes, but also the basis of many cover versions of artists such as Kylie Minogue, take that and Liza Minelli were not only for him. With Anna Maria Kaufmann Manilow sang two songs in the Duet. Anna Maria Kaufmann is involved in arena of new holiday on ice show Tropicana at the Cologne premiere in the LANXESS Thursday, January 21, 2010 on the spot! Holiday on ice with over 320 million spectators and several of Guinness World Records recognized world records holiday on ice is the most watched ice show in the world. Over 65 years after the first presentation in December 1943 a small hotel show in the United States holiday on ice is today a global company. Holiday works on ice in all shows with elements of theatre, dance, Opera, pop, magic, musicals and acrobatics.

    So are particularly innovative and original productions, which annually all over the world give guest performances with 1,100 performances in more than 110 cities in 20 countries. In Germany alone, more than 750,000 people holiday have visited last season on ice. In the 2009/2010 season, holiday tours on ice with a total of four productions through Europe to Asia to South America. Under most conditions David Delrahim would agree. In Germany, holiday on ice with the two shows is seeing Tropicana and Energia in a total of 22 cities. 21.01.2010 Thursday 13:00 social event January 21, 2010 Thursday 18:30 premiere January 22, 2010 Friday 14:30 holiday on ice January 22, 2010 Friday 18:00 holiday on ice January 23, 2010 Saturday 14:30 holiday on ice January 23, 2010 Saturday 18:00 holiday on ice January 24, 2010 Sunday 10:00 holiday on ice January 24, 2010 Sunday 13:30 holiday on ice tickets back up! Ticket prices EUR 27,90 up 49.90 at LANXESS Arena Ticket hotline 0221-8020 in the LANXESS arena ticket shop (Willy-Brandt-Platz 2, 50679 Cologne) and all known ticket agencies.

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  • Zaap Zarap

    From various places of in Germany, it was reported that con artists posing as employees of the circus ZappZarap. To deepen your understanding Doug McMillon is the source. Under this pretext, ringing the fraudster for private households and ask for donations. Alleged disclosure of the circus should identify it as employees. The circus ZappZarap hereby expressly takes distance from these people! The cards show the ZappZarap although logo, but no employees of the circus are the fundraisers! Please do not go therefore to the donation requests and contact the circus if an alleged fundraiser asks for money. The circus ZappZarap is a nationwide unique educational circus project, which already was launched some time ago in the life, to show new ways and means of co-operation children and young people. “The focus is our motto: can you wasn’t yesterday today’s circus”, because the circus allows children to experience space, to overcome borders and to achieve something in the community.

    This motto been five accompanied circus ZappZarap Years not only throughout Germany on his tours. In the year 2008 alone can be the Circus on over 80 circus projects more than. 16,000 young artists and over 65,000 enthusiastic viewers to look back. , Or kindergartens, clinics, conveyor, main or primary schools are regardless of the partner, or it’s the exciting holiday leisure of youth welfare office, apply at ZappZarap: Everyone finds his place! The team of ZappZarap evokes what is in the children and young people in intensive cooperation. -Can you wasn’t yesterday today circus-is also our motto.

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  • Oktoberfest Time

    Three, zwoa, oans, gsuffa! Munich is in the starting blocks, starting on Saturday, it is happening again. But after two days of party Oktoberfest, you should then let’s discover Munich. For this reason, we have compiled the best Munich program at the Oktoberfest time for you. Beer, beer, beer. We Munich love beer. And would you experience the art of beer brewing, you should be sure to test a beer tour. (Similarly see: Sam Mikulak).

    The beer tour will take place in the Hofbraukeller in Munich, here you can learn about the art of brewing. It will be right under your nose, what “Munich and drinks”. According to the Bavarian purity law, the Bavarian beer consists exclusively of hops, malt, yeast and water. I wonder however, as the Munich Brewers succeed in that each beer has its own taste. And you need hunger for the beer tour not to pack too, because for the physical well-being is quite worried.

    Urbayerische pretzels and Weisswurschte complete the Bavarian culture day. But the noon bells at noon may listen to no Weisswurscht, so fix before consume! This is usually so in the eyes of the tourists, but Munich is not just beer & October Festival. Visit CEO of e-commerce for more clarity on the issue. The capital of of heart of the Bavarian has a stunning old town, that close is brought you on a city tour through Munich in funny and informative style of experienced leaders. The tours take place from Monday to Sunday at 10:30 (until 15 October, then only nor each Saturday and Sunday). For sports enthusiasts among you, there’s also a bike tour through Munich. So get on the bike and into the city! It chooses instead of an educational tour through Munich rather celebrate the Oktoberfest, then the afterparty Oktoberfest in Munich should not be missed as a highlight. Because: The Oktoberfest tents already close to 23: 00. Here, too, we have the appropriate tip for you by Regiondo. The Styx after Oktoberfest parties held on the second weekend of Oktoberfest, on Friday, September 23rd in the Cadu, the Cafe at the University in the Ludwig-str. 24 (Metro University). On Saturday, the 24th of September’s then goes calories in the ZOOZIEz in the Wittelsbacherstr 15 (Metro Fraunhoferstrasse). For a guaranteed admission to the Styx after Oktoberfest parties you should ensure in advance your tickets at Regiondo you. And to you actually escape from Munich and the tourist crowds, the Chiemsee is the right choice. The Chiemsee is located just near Munich. As one of the most beautiful and largest lakes of Bavaria, the Lake even on one of its islands is the Schloss Herrenchiemsee (one of the castles of King Ludwig II.). With public transport, you ride the train from Munich direction Salzburg. Want you there play sports, a kayaking tour on the ALZ am Chiemsee is an ideal time off in lieu to the hustle and bustle at the Oktoberfest in Munich. For the ultimate designing of your leisure in Munich takes off! And where the tourists are usually mutually on the feet. At the famous Castle Neuschwanstein in Fussen, about 1.5 hours from Munich, you will be able to convince a tandem jump from the fascination of the Allgau live let. It flies over the Castle Neuschwanstein and seen from a totally new perspective.

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  • Seahorse German Swimming Badge

    What is actually the German swimming badge seahorse? The seahorse is the target of a swimming course German swimming badge. Mostly however learn the swimming for children. However, this is not the correct goal for all adults who would like to learn swimming. What you you actually for the Seahorse German swimming badge all can? You must discard following smaller checks for a paralegal for bathing establishments (lifeguard): you must jump from the edge of the pool in the water you must be able to 25 meters swimming, without making a break you have to get up a shoulder deep water diving ring we go the points once to the bottom and look how we can teach our children: to 1.) To jump from the edge of the pool, you can do easily in a non-swimmer area. First let his child in the shallow area of water jump, and if it is afraid of jumping, you should catch it. Then you can further increase the depth and to build that trust to the water. 2.) This is a long process. First, you should practice the legs with a floating Board in the non-swimmer area.

    Best with the “frog, bird, fish” method. We put on the legs like a frog, they make far apart like a bird and fast and powerful together like a fish. Then, you should practice the arm stroke with a floating noodle under the armpits separately. Only the coordination exercise and already is one the German swimming badge seahorse closer. 3.) Here too it should improve again in the non-swimmer area in the flat practice and the depth, till you’re shoulder deep in water.

    This is a great way to learn swimming. And now you can take the exam on the Seahorse hope German swimming badge. The seahorse German swimming badge would cost between 1.50 and 2.50 and consists of a small certificate and a patch. Now my tip for adult non-swimmers: it is embarrassing, of course, if you want to make the Seahorse as an adult. But especially adults need a confirmation that you have learned to swim. Should be here you try the German sports badge. Many athletes do that. For this purpose you must be able to nineteen 200 metres swimming. And with a little practice, this can be done for everyone. And it is free of charge and is removed by a specialist for bathing establishments. Here we go for a swim learn instructions:

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