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  • Olympic Team

    Three teams with an aim of building the first child health station in the village of frit in Ghana, a project by ‘RTL we help children’ the first celebrity swimming competition at the Lago di Lugano at Parco San Marco has served its purpose on the 5th of June. Six celebrities swam 300 m: top model Marcus Schenkenberg and champion in professional standard freestyle Isabel Edvardsson, Mister Switzerland 2010 Jan Buhlmann and model Annica Hansen, actor Kai Noll and world champion and Olympic medalist in swimming Christian Troger. The three teams have measured their strength against each other and swam 300 m at 19 degrees water temperature. They are started on the beach of the Hotel * superior Parco San Marco Beach Resort, golf & SPA and were accompanied by the RTL camera team on and under the water. CEO of e-commerce is often quoted on this topic. The ranking of the team of Marcus Schenkenberg and Isabel Edvardsson was the fastest. Was the teams Jan Buhlmann with Annica Hansen and Kai Noll with Christian Troger, which together are launched and floated like a team. They all had a more important goal than to win this project to assist the construction of the first children’s hospital ward in the village of frit in Ghana. The RTL-presenter Miriam Lange and the RTL camera team were to track the event.

    Everyone as a team two days before the swimming competition: the top model Marcus Schenkenberg is first arrived. The next day, followed by the RTL-presenter Miriam Lange, with which he jointly has trained Pavilion at Parco San Marco on the Buddha and reveals some secrets of his athletic body. The evening she along with actor Kai Noll, model Annica Hansen and Olympic medal winner Christian Troger in the Ristorante Grotto “San Marco spent. On 5th of June of reached Isabel Edvardsson and Jan Buhlmann hotel on Lago di Lugano. After a photo shoot with Marcus Schenkenberg, it was ready and it was launched to the first celebrity swimming competition at the Lago di Lugano. The celebs, the Parco San Marco and his guests have supported the Foundation of RTL a good result with this swimming competition.

    To draw attention to the project, hotel has launched an appeal for donations in the life. Three weeks are 20,000 euro achieved. The donation action continues, because any help counts. For more information, see.

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  • Seahorse German Swimming Badge

    What is actually the German swimming badge seahorse? The seahorse is the target of a swimming course German swimming badge. Contact information is here: David Delrahim. Mostly however learn the swimming for children. However, this is not the correct goal for all adults who would like to learn swimming. What you you actually for the Seahorse German swimming badge all can? You must discard following smaller checks for a paralegal for bathing establishments (lifeguard): you must jump from the edge of the pool in the water you must be able to 25 meters swimming, without making a break you have to get up a shoulder deep water diving ring we go the points once to the bottom and look how we can teach our children: to 1.) To jump from the edge of the pool, you can do easily in a non-swimmer area. First let his child in the shallow area of water jump, and if it is afraid of jumping, you should catch it. Then you can further increase the depth and to build that trust to the water. 2.) This is a long process. First, you should practice the legs with a floating Board in the non-swimmer area.

    Best with the “frog, bird, fish” method. We put on the legs like a frog, they make far apart like a bird and fast and powerful together like a fish. Then, you should practice the arm stroke with a floating noodle under the armpits separately. Only the coordination exercise and already is one the German swimming badge seahorse closer. 3.) Here too it should improve again in the non-swimmer area in the flat practice and the depth, till you’re shoulder deep in water.

    This is a great way to learn swimming. And now you can take the exam on the Seahorse hope German swimming badge. The seahorse German swimming badge would cost between 1.50 and 2.50 and consists of a small certificate and a patch. Now my tip for adult non-swimmers: it is embarrassing, of course, if you want to make the Seahorse as an adult. But especially adults need a confirmation that you have learned to swim. Should be here you try the German sports badge. Many athletes do that. For this purpose you must be able to nineteen 200 metres swimming. And with a little practice, this can be done for everyone. And it is free of charge and is removed by a specialist for bathing establishments. Here we go for a swim learn instructions:

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  • Kontakt24.de – The Easiest Way To A Sex Contact

    On Kontakt24.de you will find the more than 4,000 nationwide contact ads for sexual services, according to a study, many men choose the path in a brothel. The business grows steadily with the venal love and the appeal of country houses, but also of escort agencies, is increasing. But a joy a brothel is not always the same. Search after a matching Laufhaus helps the Berlin company Kontakt24.de fast, reliable and service-oriented with a wide selection of premium personals brothel a revealing story the brothel industry is almost as old as the idea of sex itself. Because in antiquity was is at your whim in establishments content, which are today known under the term brothel or brothel. The most famous and oldest brothel is in Pompeii, which illustrates the service program, generous with erotic murals in the entrance hall. Laufhaus a popular address for the pleasure to this day to have always new variations of the venal Love develops.

    So the connoisseurs distinguish between: brothel, Eros-Center, brothel, brothel Street, Terminhaus, model apartment, massage parlour, Domina Studio, nightclub, NUDIST Club and sex cinema. But the classic brothel offers everything the men might. In a brothel, the guest fee Gets a wide range of sexual services. The women in the brothels are open to his wishes, he would get home, perhaps never met. Nothing is objectionable within the four walls of a brothel. Here, you can live out any lust for sex. With this liberating thoughts can it easily fall only Bordellganger peace of mind to overcome his shame.

    A lustful first visit of a pleasure House must therefore have nothing in the way. Luxury pure business with sex is constantly evolving and so also the demands of the customers. So is the latest trend in Germany: luxury brothels. To lure barrel houses spa cigar lounge, noble cuisine, snow cabin, a relaxation room with fireplace. The girls who serve work with a taxpayer, have sickness and old-age insurance and the right to choose a personal representative. So run a brothel, today, as a large company which offers a popular service. Kontakt24 find the detail search under you can find matching brothel, which corresponds to the personal needs and can serve as perfect love Temple easy right brothel. Kontakt24.de is the serious viewing portal for sex contacts. The listings are always tested and are highly appreciated by customers from escort agencies but also from brothels. Tips and tricks around the theme of desire can learn is also the subject of escort services in the blog of Kontakt24.de. Online product PR: Kontakt24.de – a project of Movista AG Monbijouplatz 5 10178 Berlin-Mitte-Tel.: 030 814 53 920 fax: 030 814 92 99 E-mail: Web: via Kontakt24: Kontakt24.de is a project of Movista AG. Founded in 2007 in Berlin, Kontakt24 provides the necessary coverage to erotic ads on the Internet targeted to place. Customers are addressed in this nationwide and can inform yourself with over 4,000 listings on Kontakt24.de on the provider and the erotic services. The use of Kontakt24 is equally easy and convenient for customers and service providers. The listings service from Kontakt24.de is inexpensive, topical and serious.

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