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  • O2 Free Tickets – Up To 1000 Free SMS Per Month

    The O2 o free tickets provide up to 1000 free SMS per month by credit charges. Even after the tariff conversion at O2, there are free tickets again, now this free prepaid cards O2 o hot tickets. They offer the same advantages of the old O2 loop free tickets, but in the much more attractive new O2 o fare. Up to three everyone can order O2 tickets, O2 would even like to order more equally to distribute them in the family or among friends. It is therefore to make barely need several orders, you can order the three cards right at once. While each of the SIM cards equal a small starting credit of one euro includes not much, but just given.

    Not is already an obligation with the order, there is neither a contract nor a minimum revenue or a fee. The special highlight of the O2 o are ticket, up to 1,000 free SMS, which can be obtained by credit charges. Already for a charge of only 15 euros you get 150 free SMS. Unused SMS expire after a month, but during these 30 days You can send it to all German mobile networks and not just within the O2 network. At higher charges, the free SMS even increasing the number. For 20 euros credit you get 300 SMS on top and there are even 500 bonus SMS for a charge of 30 euros. Much copywriter can save so so much.

    Normally, an SMS to all networks cost 15 cents, for 30 Euro credit receives free text so not only 500, but can then send again-200 SMS balance. A total 700 SMS for 30 euros, which is equivalent to a price of only 4.29 cents per SMS. Calls are billed O2 ticket also uniformly with 15 cents per minute in, so o it’s free pass at the O2 a real tariff. But also the O2 cost airbag, which prevents that has to be paid more than 60 euros per month for phone calls and SMS is also included. Calls and SMS to special numbers or abroad are of course excluded from, but still O2 in this way offers a complete mobile flat rate, even users of prepaid card practically the only then be paid should, if needed. Free tickets O2 offer therefore an opportunity without obligation to try out tariff O2 o, whether as a cheap prepaid card, to send cheap many SMS or also this as completely flat rate to use in for calls and SMS never more than 60 Euro per month are payable.

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