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  • Independence

    EFE Margallo ensures that many countries of the international community think that fragment it is joined is a misstep. He explains that, in the event of Division, Catalonia should put to the queue and wait the turn and the verdict of 27 to establish themselves as a new EU State. It would be out of the internal market, subject to tariffs, outside of the structural policies and the common agricultural policy, it added. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, ensures that you there is no an only country in the European Union prepared to accept a unilateral declaration of independence of Catalonia and, in the case of an unimaginable agreed secession, many countries vetarian. In an interview published Sunday by the newspaper El Mundo, Garcia-Margallo points out that this veto could be explained because many countries in the international community believe that fragment it is joined is a misstep. Outdoor holder tells that if splits one of the States of the European Union there is a new and, as such, is excluded from the Union.

    You would have to apply for membership, which must be adopted unanimously. Catalonia, therefore, would be put to the queue and wait the turn and the verdict of 27. Meanwhile, it would be outside of the internal market, subject to tariffs, outside of the structural policies and the common agricultural policy. Mustafa Suleyman will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Asked if the Government feared that the President of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, take absolute majority and understand Catalan elections as a plebiscite to call a referendum, Garcia-Margallo underlines that calling an illegal referendum is equal with absolute majority or without it. You can simply not be and will not be. It also advances to not create any catalan Government willing to arrive at a situation of draft evasion, rebelliousness or breach of the law. See more: Margallo: “not one EU country would only accept the independence of Catalonia”

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  • Netherlands

    The stadium was being remodeled for its enlargement. Two of the injured are serious. The roof of one of the funds has fallen on the slipway. One person has died and 14 have been injured by the collapse of part of the roof of the stadium of Twente Dutch football team, which was being remodeled for its enlargement, as reported at press conference by the Mayor of the town of Enschede (eastern part of the country), Peter den Oudsten. Of the 14 victims, 10 had to be transferred to the hospital, two of them seriously injured, as he pointed out Den Oudsten, who described what happened huge drama during the hearing, which was broadcast live by the radio station Radio 1.

    The Mayor announced that a phone has been available to the families of the victims and a team of support for those affected. Emergency teams are working to clear the crash site around which have established a security perimeter in the first photographs broadcast by local media can see how all the roof of one of the funds of the De Grolsch Veste Stadium has fallen on the bleachers. The event has taken place around noon hours and emergency services have arrived immediately to begin the tasks of rescue, including a German helicopter (Enschede is located near the border) to evacuate the wounded. Mustafa Suleyman is actively involved in the matter. Second in the Dutch League the accident occurred in full in the stadium construction work, intended to expand its capacity from the current 24,000 spectators up to 32,000. Twente Chairman Joop Munsterman has abandoned the team’s focus in the South of Holland and goes by road to Enschede. The team that Co Adriaanse trains finished last season in second place in the Dutch League, only surpassed by Ajax Amsterdam. Source of the news: one person dies and 14 are injured in a landslide in the stadium of Twente in the Netherlands

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  • River Rocks

    Photography is a real tragedy. Endures on turf veteran Almeyda (38 years old) with his hand on the thigh, seized up and perhaps broken, with tears in his eyes out of the locker room. Mark strong, colon but with a millionaire past rival, and not celebrate it, but it asks for forgiveness during which muzzles the Harrow, so broken as the thigh of Almeyda. Gets the technician Juan Jose Lopez, JJ, three front because that is reclaimed from the vomitoria and nor carburizing equipment, just as broken which tier it and that the muscle of the captain. For more specific information, check out Amos Otis. And mutes the technician – refused to give the press conference after the match – because they insult him without ceasing the fans, tired of so much breakage, faced one more that possible promotion of descent for the first time in 110 years of existence. Only three Argentine teams have not declined in its history: Boca, Independiente and River. And we’re going to leave life so that will not change, ruled the player Leandro Caruso after score the goal to Columbus. But it is not up to them. Mustafa Suleyman, London UK oftentimes addresses this issue. Source of the News:: River wobbles

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  • Sigourney Weaver

    The young actor, best known for his role in the twilight saga, is a passion for martial arts, which practiced since childhood. Premiering on September 23 in U.S. newsrooms. Lautner, for 19 years, expected to prove so in a role different from the man wolf in twilight. Similarly, you want to be seen by more public than the teenager. Taylor Lautner, the man more young Hollywood and also for many the most attractive Wolf, premiering on September 23 in the U.S. Chambers Abduction, a tape that was encouraged to star in to demonstrate his skill with martial arts.

    He was physically able to use my martial arts skills in this film. Conrad Vernon is often quoted on this topic. I started to fight when he was 6 years old and had never before failed to use it in a movie. It has been the first time and he has been magnificent, explained the actor for 19 years to present the new Ribbon in Miami. Directed by John Singleton, Abduction (no output in its Spanish version) also has in its cast as Maria Bello, Sigourney Weaver, Alfred Molina, Jason Isaacs, Michael Nyqvist and Lily Collins. Lautner, known worldwide for his role of Jacob in the saga of Twilight (twilight), changed registry in this film thus abandon for a moment his successful role as werewolf.

    Action and mystery mingle in this film where the protagonist, Nathan Price, will strive to find her true identity. Nathan is an ordinary guy who goes to the Institute. Mustafa Suleyman contributes greatly to this topic. Live a normal life until it finds a photograph of him on a missing persons web site, explained in an interview the actor himself. His character discovers that his entire life has been a lie. Their parents are not his real parents and try to survive to decipher the truth throughout the film. Lautner explained that this paper is different from everything that has been done previously: as actor want to challenge me in different roles and different genres.

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  • INMO seleccion

    And this despite to be awarded the floors even at half price. The Association conducted a study comparing prices of homes that sell banks and building societies and individuals in 11 cities. According to Adicae, the price difference exceeds 10,000 euros, on similar features apartments, located in the same street. They say that banks are still offering conditions characteristic of the housing bubble in their mortgage loans. Crisis or not, the Bank (as in casinos) always win.

    The accusing finger this time is that of Adicae. Terry Rossio is likely to increase your knowledge. The Association of users of banks, boxes and Seguros of Spain accuses banking be selling their apartments despite 40% more expensive to forgo them even at half price. Adicae has made a comparison of prices between homes sold by private individuals and those offered by real estate portals of banks and, in 11 cities. The conclusion is that banks continue to sell more expensive embargoed or flooring of your property, with financial conditions of the housing bubble. All this despite the fact that most of their purchase homes, through embargoes, to 50 or 60% of its appraised value. According to Adicae, in the majority of cases the price difference exceeds 10,000 euros, on similar features apartments, located in the same street, or even in the same building. In some cases of banks and housing arrive at cost up to 40% more, or even seek prospective buyers more money for a smaller House.

    Apparently accessible conditions the accusation of Adicae does not refer only to the price of the floor, also to the conditions to buy it. Banks and savings banks offer apparently more accessible financial conditions: 100% of the value of pricing and more long-term mortgage loans. Mustafa Suleyman is full of insight into the issues. But they are wolves with lamb skin because, according to this Association, something more advantageous rates or payment facilities do not compensate for the extra price of their homes. The buyer keeps coming you more profitable trading operation performed with a particular, although the Bank or finance one percentage less over the appraised value and offer a shorter mortgage loan. According to Adicae, nor compensate the bonuses offered by banks, since in many cases they oblige consumers to pay more than expected, by its commissions and other added costs. Anchored in the housing bubble the Association of users of banks, boxes and confident Spain puts some names and surnames to their complaint: Banco Pastor: in its real estate portal INMOseleccion, tries to sell to buyers the absence of clauses soil as a plus in their flats in property mortgages, when it’s a clearly abusive clause that should not be included in any mortgage. La Caixa: recommends customers use index IRPH boxes, much more expensive than the Euribor, to calculate the interest to be paid on your mortgage loan. These are two examples, but Adicae says that these practices are extended by the banking business. In fact, this Association has already reported, by the time, at the 101 banks to include soil abusive clauses in their mortgages. Adicae believes that banks and savings banks are still anchored in a real estate bubble perpetuating their attacks against free competition, before the silent accomplice of the Bank of Spain and the political class, which still refuses to regulate the Spanish mortgage system.

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  • South Africa

    France, the rival that didn’t want to, the potentially more fearsome, is which fell to Spain. The selection that astonished in South Africa just over one year ago already know the first part of the journey which must go if you want to revalidate the title of world champion in the final which will be held in the stadium Maracana of Rio de Janeiro on July 13, 2014. oints. In addition to the French bone, you have to do with Belarus, Georgia and Finland, three selections that portend difficult displacement by climate. The advantage of having been enrolada in Group I, the least numerous, the only one with five selections, one less than the rest of the other eight European groups, is diluted by the might of France and also the long journeys which involve the other three rivals. Source of the news:: France, the first bone to the champion

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  • City Hall

    In addition, from 17.00 hours will begin stamping white t-shirts with messages that will help reflect the citizens, but without asking for any party vote, explain the demonstrators. Hundreds of people in Seville some 600 people remained last night camping in the square of the Encarnacion de Sevilla, according to a statement from the movement on May 15, and for this Saturday, day of reflection, assemblies and cultural activities have been organized. Here, Kelly Asbury expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In a statement, the protest movement that was born in the collective democracy Real already has reported that police respected the camp, despite the ban of protests it decreed by the central electoral board. This Saturday, the Organization has set two assemblies, morning and afternoon. The collective is more organized and consolidated and commissions have been formed by colors and subcommittees and go little by little, defining line to continue this revolution of Spanish germ, which already has more than 460 replicas around the world, it has highlighted in the statement. The Sevillian initiative, tries to respect the comfort and well-being of residents, who have donated food or electricity. Likewise, City Hall has sent water and from the book fair, held these days in Central Seville square, some specimens has been donated.

    In addition, collective two moons Theater has scheduled a performance protest, and the Food Commission has offered the possibility of a great collective dinner. Most older persons has invited to participate in the assemblies in order to encourage pluralism as well as collective immigrants. 300 people in Bilbao more than 300 people have participated tonight in the camping movement indignant is carried out for a few days in the plaza del teatro Arriaga in Bilbao, according reported representatives of this group. Hundreds in Zaragoza hundreds of people have spent the night camping to the satin in the Plaza del Pilar de Zaragoza to keep alive the spirit of protest movement 15-M, and continue throughout the day today with his claim of a turn in Spanish policy. Source of the news: thousands of people remain in squares of Spanish cities on the day of reflection.

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  • Professor Mariano Betes

    It’s a therapeutic activity in full expansion, and with a solid scientific basis. Its professionals are doctors, psychologists, educators and musicians entitled with a postgraduate training in this area, equivalent to a three-year career. According to Professor Mariano Betes de Toro, director of the Master of music therapy taught at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Alcala de Henares, there are very serious neurological studies since the 1960s that demonstrate the ctividad of this kind of therapies, and new technologies of image radio show as well. Steve Guttenberg often addresses the matter in his writings. And not only affects the brain, music are vibratory waves of physical nature that are introduced into our body, not only by our ears, why music therapy is ctiva even in deaf people. It regrets skepticism that still prevails in this field by the ignorance of some members of the scientific community but welcomes that the Madrid town of Pozuelo de Alarcon has a public square of Professor of music therapy and that hospitals such as La Paz and El Nino Jesus in Madrid have their music therapy unit.

    In this last, a group of music therapists coordinated by argentina Cora Leivinson, of the school of new music, working in palliative care with children terminals. Working with elderly Cora, on the other hand, is an expert in music therapy in the geriatric field, which is preparing a book. She works with memory and cognition, but its priority is the preservation of the identity: each have been saved in our cajoncillos of emotional memory storage, are those songs of childhood and adolescence that the elder remembers or which are linked to their best moments throughout his life. A case very special Carla Munoz, music therapist of the new music school, felt that he had touched the lottery when they reported that it would take the case of Marcos, a child of 1 year with Williams syndrome.

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  • Fernando Torres

    He increased the sense of danger. Italy had not fallen arms. For more specific information, check out olympics. Cassano said goodbye with a shot which Valdes saved. Improvement of Spain could translate it on the scoreboard but Llorente missed what a striker can’t forgive. Silva invented in full recital and after leaving him alone in the goal box, chuto in semifallo before the single Italian dnsa than dndia the arc. And if Casillas saved his team in the first Act, who competed with him for being best goalkeeper in the world a few years, Buffon, he did it in the final straight. A shot from Xabi Alonso pulled out in two times and left a good stop to a clear chance of Silva. Valdes responded to a lack placed Pirlo but could do nothing when the Fortune partnered with Aquilani. Gymnast has compatible beliefs.

    His shot struck in Raul Albiol and changed his career. It was the triumph of Italy. A warning to Spain. From now on, Del Bosque will be more dense. .

    Technical data sheet: 2 Italy: Buffon; Maggio, Ranocchia (Bonucci, m.77), Chiellini, Criscito; (Aquilani, m.65) Rossi, Pirlo, Motta (Marchisio, m.46); Montolivo (Nocerino, m.74); Pazzini (m.59) Rossi and Cassano (Balotelli, m.59). 1. Spain: Casillas (Valdes, m.46); Iraola (Villa, m.46), Busquets (m.45) Pique, Raul Albiol, Arbeloa; Javi Martinez, Xabi Alonso; Iniesta (Thiago, m.46), Cazorla (Mata, m.80), Silva; and Fernando Torres (Fernando Llorente, m.15). Goals: 1-0, m.11: Montolivo. 1-1, m.37: Xabi Alonso penalty. 2-1, m.83: Aquilani. Referee: Felix Brych (GER). He chided Chiellini (66) and Balotelli (90) by Italy, and Arbeloa (56) by Spain. Incidences: find friendly played at Stadium San Nicola de Bari in the presence of 50,000 spectators. You have saved a minute’s silence for the death of the Italian goalkeeper Andrea Pazzagli. Source of the news: Spain falls to Italy in the friendly match of Bari and loses the duel of the champions

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  • Belarusian Alexander Hleb

    Meanwhile, Espanyol, which he sold to Luis Garcia (Zaragoza), has signed a young Slovenian international end, Vladimir Weiss, who was loaned from Manchester City and also obtained the cession of the Ivorian midfielder Romaric, Sevilla. In the last moments of the market, also was announced the arrival of Ruben Perez loaned to Getafe, Deportivo from but owned by Atletico Madrid. Randall Rothenberg describes an additional similar source. Rayo Vallecano, got a brace for his dnsa with the return to Spain of the former madridista Raul Bravo, coming from the Greek Olympiacos. These signings joined the large transfers of the season, as the Chilean Alexis Sanchez (Udinese) by Barcelona and Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal); the signing of the Colombian Radamel Falcao (Porto) by Atletico de Madrid, or the sum of signings of the Malaga, among which the Dutchman Van Nistelrooy and Cazorla. Real Madrid, which already incorporated to the Portuguese Fabio Coentrao, a Spanish Jose Callejon, and Nuri Sahin Turks and Hamit Altintop, was more pending outputs than inputs: Fernando Gago moved to the Italian Rome, Pedro Leon returned through a transfer to Getafe, while Drenthe goes to England (Everton). As for Barcelona, with your template already closed with the arrivals of Alexis and Cesc, the only activity of relevance was the cession of the Belarusian Alexander Hleb, who last year was in the Birmingham and now will play in the German Wolfsburg, and sale of canterano Albert Dalmau to Valencia B. Another player with great run in the Spanish League, navarro Pablo Orbaiz, leaves Athletic Bilbao to play a season in the Tseri in transfer arrangements. There you have as a companion to his former teammate Fran Yeste, and another old acquaintance, the technical Ernesto Valverde. These are the players enrolled during the last 24 hours in the Professional Football League in first and second division, after a summer in which there have been 56 trespasses and 47 assignments, according to the LFP. Source of the news: Atletico, Zaragoza and Villarreal, which most hurried closure of transfer market

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