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    More caregivers to do so where we see repeats of the experienced or learn about alternatives come later. The difference from the first constellation, however, is that we can sit always conscious that in the course of our life out of each other. (Source: Miami Dolphins). In the first years, the conscious engagement is not possible. This means that the observed positions, setting and behaviour patterns are simply unthinkingly accepted or rejected. They are stored in the unconscious and have an outstanding effect, as they remain unconscious there for so long. Therefore we later often don’t know why much of our life is how it is. This does not mean that we can develop no longer, but we have certain settings, the we us only with great difficulty can make aware.

    What has to do with leadership? The first experienced leadership is in the family by father and mother. The father of the head of the family has been frequently. We perceive as children simple signals such as size, depth of voice, volume, choices, violence, conflict between the parents, who owns the car, for whose recognition is hard work, economical affection, spoken out critical remarks etc. leadership signals are simplified here visible in the form of resource ownership, reviews, punishments, compliments and prerogatives. This experienced leadership is the first orientation for the own future leadership on the one hand. On the other hand, we were also led as children. And we felt well managed? Have we achieved something? Performance paid off? We have been with affection or material or maybe not rewarded? Were we loved regardless of performance and adopted as a child of our parents? These Experience try to repeat people to finally resolve unsatisfactory episodes or because we imitate it. For example, we try rewards again with services to get instead of our performance to obtain independent attention, because we are our parents.

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