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  • “”App of the week”award motivated sporting ambition of app developers In January launched in his shopping blog the area cool apps”. In this special section for iPhone, Android, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Palm apps, developers have the opportunity to present their programs with a specially created, personal presentation. This presentation is also included by potential users also have the master readership of the blog note, informed a four-digit number of Twitter followers about the posting with the presentation of the app. “There are also the awards app of the week since early January from” as well as app of the month “award. These awards have fueled the ambitions of many developers on the one hand and on the other hand were accompanied very honored by the relevant trade press. Due to this success story has upgraded now strongly the theme of apps. Under, apps.asp are now many hundreds of cool apps”presented. In contrast to other app directories is limited to the Top apps of the different categories.

    Also, the presence of a German description is an important inclusion criterion. “The awards app of the week” and app of the month “are regularly awarded. The winner but more recently using an activity index “detected. Indicators such as page views of app, number of reviews written by readers and reviews are incorporated in the calculation of this app index”. Moreover, count incoming links from social networks and blogs. The exact formula is however kept to suppress attempts of manipulation from the outset. First attempts at manipulation such as E.g. machine-generated page views had to be fought off already. To give the developers are legal advantages in the competition for the very creative to award app of the week”. Creative descriptions, blog posts, mailings to the users of the app to Twitter – and Facebookpostings with the request to use the voting features at “team already observed. were the cool apps Such a sports competition is of course explicitly desired.