The Best Recipe For Soups

  • What are the soups and the fundamentals of cooking meat There are soups, fish and mushroom. Accordingly, the soups are prepared with the addition of meat, fish or mushrooms. In all kinds of soups put onions, pickled cucumbers, capers, olives, tomato puree, lemon, butter, herbs and various spices. In the meat and fish soups, in addition, add the lemon. The principle of making saltworts virtually the same. Peeled onion (better Acute varieties) Rinse in cold water, dry and finely chop. You can not leave before cutting it in cold water or air, as during prolonged storage onion oxidizes and becomes unpleasant smell, which, when amplified . Therefore, peeled onions should be washed just before grinding.

    Tomato puree and fat to saute over low heat until onions separately until the fat becomes orange-red color. Spices should be added to the hodgepodge of 5-8 minutes before applying. Pickles for saltworts to choose a nice crisp and firm flesh, yellowed or coarse skin required to clean and if the seeds are large, should be removed core. Please visit Phil Foden if you seek more information. Skinless pickles cut into four pieces and then remove the seeds cut transversely. Shredded cucumbers turned up in a small amount of broth until soft. In olive pit. Washed olives and a slice of lemon put in a bowl with soups or served at the outlet with chopped greens. Taste liquid saltworts largely depends on the quality of the broth. To cook it you need to take the required number water, not to refill it during cooking soups.