The Book

  • AND NIGHTMARE? It is an abstract being that appears to people who lie down with me. C?MO IS CAN DESTRU?DO R A PROBLEM? Samson was asked where his strength lay and revealed the secret. You know the consequences of tremendous stupidity. One can not say what he knows. For reasons which you will understand I refuse to answer your question. BUT, DO SOME TIME PROBLEMS DIE? I have no news that this has happened. But in any case, if we murieramos, before dying we reproduce us. Us multiply sowing a little problem here and another there.

    And them, little problems, will be in the future a few problems robust, healthy, beautiful and strong, with which our species have insured always a place in history. CU?DO L BELIEVED TO BE?TO THE WORST PROBLEM OF HUMANITY? Have no problem do by QU? DO WHAT SAYS? Why smoothly will atrophy his capacity to think and believe that then humans would not so much fun. DO NOT I SAY THEN THAT THE WORST PROBLEM OF SOMEONE THAT WORKS IN ANY PART IS NOT HAVING PROBLEMS? Do please EXPL said you?CHEESE? & nbsp; If you work somewhere and there are no problems to solve, then they will send it to the street and bring his replacement someone with less capabilities. QU? IS IT M?S DIF?CIL OF SOLVING A MATHEMATICAL PROBLEM?PRACTICES OR ONE OF SOCIAL? The answer to math problems is always possible to find it at the end of the book. DO YOU HAS BEEN KNOWN TO ANY PERSON THAT ALREADY DO NOT KNOW NING?DO N PROBLEM? Once I met a person whose earthly problems had been resolved at a funeral. Absolutely everyone. QUI?N WAS THAT PERSON? The only one who remained silent at the funeral.

    In other words, the dead. AND IF THERE IS LIFE AFTER?S OF DEATH? IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THAT PERSON HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THE M?S ALL?. I was referring to that person already had no earthly problems. I didn’t say one single word of further beyond. CU?L IS THE WORST PROBLEM OF A CITY? The indifference of their citizens and the worst problem of the POL?DO TICOS? & nbsp; Your problem is cause problem to others. And then they convince people that there is no problem. TO YOU QU? DO YOU LIKE M?S, THE D?A OR NIGHT? I like to move me in the minds of the people whose intelligence has sunlit. ALCOHOL IS A PROBLEM?? It is not while you do not uncover the bottle do CU?L IS YOUR PROBLEM? My problem are stupid journalists who make silly interviews so read them more foolish than them people. My friend the problem was suddenly. It was mounted hastily in the bus, accompanied by three ladies. I figured being tragedy, nightmare and opportunity. He paid the three passages and hand told me goodbye from the vehicle running. Meanwhile I’m still here without solving my problem of transport.