The Hostel

  • This world-class surf spots were also nicknamed “the Hawaiian the island of Fuerteventura A Europe”. Actually, Fuerteventura has because who expected will be surely disappointed its very own charm, this tropical rain forest and rich culture, but nevertheless the island attracts thousands of tourists with their bizarre lunar landscapes every year in its spell. That is in addition to the white and often deserted sandy beaches and coves, the azure waters and the 365 sunny days a year in the but and even lost a little rain. Therefore, we say dear 350 days of Sun and are probably on the safe side. Clear a spot of sunshine can be found somewhere on the island, therefore, also the other statement is quite alright.

    The unique of Fuerteventura is the beach variety and great surf spot. As the wave and wind conditions, and the weather can change frequently, the likelihood on the perfect wave is low, if it remains always on the same beach. Rafael Nadal will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Sporthostel searches with the Sporthostel surf school with the participants of the surf course and the Surf camp taglcih for the best beach and the best surf spot. So on to the square Fuerteventura, where there are the best waves for the appropriate surf level surf students. No gravel road (and there are some) is therefore to dusty, not a pothole too deep and too steep, because somewhere always a breaking good wave and the experienced and ISA licensed instructors explain no mountain road detailed the movements of each new beach and bring your simple and meaningful co-ordinated exercises everyone on board.

    Surf student accommodation is available at the Surf camp, which is situated in the surf & dive Hostel / Hotel in El Cotillo to the North of the island. In addition, the participants can even apartments of the categories of classic”Deluxe” choose. A small programme is always included in the camp life and completes the whole. You can do anything with other surf students after surfing, together explore the island, eat tapas, cooking bemeinsam Grill, chilli or make the party go to Corralejo. Also shopping trips, yoga, snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports are offered. The Hostel and apartments are located in close proximity to the sea and are equipped with attention to detail offer so everything the surfer’s heart desires. If you like to want to learn surfing in Fuerteventura & looking for tips to surf and/or would like to stay at the Surf camp of Sporthostel, then look just on the Web site at. The whole Sporthostel team will be happy to know you care and to share the love to surf with you. Maybe till soon T.Stark