The Key Of Gold

  • THE golden key by: LUIS EDUARDO GODMAN introduction: this writing is a reduced or compressed better idea. I’ve tried to summarize the wisdom of centuries, of the great ancestors of wisdom is nothing new or innovative are just things that we forget with the passing of time. It is a formula practice and functional to learn how to solve the difficulties reading it isn’t enough it is important to practice it but runs the risk of falling into the role of the ignorant, which consists of having other outcomes in life doing the same thing being done. Read the gold key several times. Take it with you to all sides and when you’re in difficulty have exactly what it says and I can assure you that you conquer any difficulty and everything begins to be better.

    THE key that opens all doors PRE – addressing is to deal with ahead of time, PRE – addressing is to send the mind where nothing You can do, PRE – deal with it is to spend useful energy to act efficiently. Instead of PRE – take from today only OCUPATE and insurance all began to come out better. I do not know anyone that complaining or worrying solves their problems, wisdom tells us if problems have solution have not to worry, but if the problems have no solution, worrying you won’t them to solve. PRE – addressing is to enter in line with what you don’t want, it is to focus thinking on what you want to get away, is to put radar to attract everything that is similar to your concern and continue in the vicious circle of pain and suffering, distress, poverty. These situations that we usually call problems are not more than situations seen from our limitation, because we see no unbeatable opportunity of learning that these bring.Why ask you at this time and before continue reading what I need to learn from this situation?? And not: do because to my? do because I? I have done to deserve This? does that I’ll be paying? that karma the mine and after answering, breathes and continues reading, with your open mind with a willing heart.