The Punching Bag

  • Punching bag of one of the most important training utensils of every Tyrannizes. Already in ancient times there were punching bags to prepare for fist fights or similar kinds of sports in the context of Roman or Greek tournaments. At that time, the bags with sand, flour or fig seeds were filled and were also used as medical aid. In the present it is the filled punching bag only a training device used by various Einverband, such as boxers or kick boxers to practicing the Cadence and striking techniques. A punching bag typically has the shape of a cylinder, the outer skin is made of nylon, leather or imitation leather. Although a punching bag is often sand bag, he is filled usually with corn, cereals, plastic granules, rubber granules, or sawdust.

    Low quality bags often include fabric or foam and can not weight necessary for effective training. Sand in turn would be too heavy and thus also inappropriate. A punching bag is a chain on the ceiling of the Fitness room attached. A punching bag is now not only as a classic training device for ‘real’ boxer, thus preparing for the fight, to see, but is used increasingly by various other athletes to endurance, to build strength and conditioning or to stay in shape. The work with the punching bag is a very sweaty affair and also requires a certain technique, so you don’t get hurt hitting and kicking.

    Is also advisable sufficiently to protect his hands through a special stance in boxing. It is in any case advisable to acquire first some basic knowledge, before training with the punching bag. But the fitness aspect is not the only one under which, the exercise can be seen with the punching bag, because this training device is also reducing aggression. The punching bag is therefore not only in sports centers, but also in various institutions, which is working with problematic young people.