The Voynich Manuscript

  • He recently passed through my hands the book of Marcelo Dos Santos about the “mysterious book of all time,” which also is the last manuscript that there lacks translation or decryption. To place the uninitiated in a position say that the manuscript is written in an unknown tongue and is full of pictures of alleged magical plants, naked women doing strange activities and maps or charts of places or objects exist. Dos Santos exposes us to the main theories about its interpretation, then the small trip by the history for their owners, then tirarnoslas on the floor with some logic. The final conclusion is given by a certain Gordon Rugg who seems to have found the key to getting into the skin, whoever he was, the creator of it, trying by means available at the time to perform that task. The point is that it is likely that the book was a hoax, deliberately, created or acquired by Edward Kelley to convince John Dee (real expert in the fields of literature of his time and the riddles in general, at the same time influential) that actually contained an arcane wisdom. All this in order to get a good amount economic King Rudolph II, who attracted to himself all kinds of style, mysterious, magical or heretical. Checking article sources yields sports apparel as a relevant resource throughout. The fact is that ultimately it seems that both were imprisoned in the king’s court for allegedly not being able to decipher it.

    The fact is that Mr. Rugg was the method that apparently was used, which were the grids of Cardano, a kind of templates for writing that played so specified, or random words or phrases that would be easy to create a similar language apparently normal but where the words are actually generated artificially. This case explains the strange proportions of words of X Lyrics or restatements of others. The point is that the manuscript, to the inability to make a correct translation, you magical labeled and contain the great mysteries, the secrets of alchemy and countless pilgrims stories, when, it seems, was only a gimmick designed to trick a couple of scholars of the time and make large profits. If we superimpose this case (specifically, convinces me more like random gibberish and unreadable as a container for absolute truths and fantasy) all other mysteries are mysteries we will see incredible only because they lack a logical answer, when the imagination flies more than knowledge and encounters vampires, aliens, ghosts, dragons, divine descendants, laboratories in prehistory and the long list of mysteries that we can not ascertain because of our own persistent stubbornness refuses to contemplate anything other than paranormal.