The Workplace

  • I realized that many of us want a change for the benefit of all mankind and nature, which each does so from different areas with different media, as many are convinced that our planet requires attention and stop the envelope holding suffering and desolation which suffer many lives, I was convinced lack a comprehensive education to achieve these two goals, which defers that the changes required are just immediately. In my educational practice I became sensitive to the needs of my students, I saw in them a few restless beings with a desire to learn, to be respected, taken into account, and above all the great commitment involve in my educational practice warm and friendly treatment I felt, I was convinced that the contents must be always related to the interests of the students so that they acquire a real meaningfrom what I saw I need to change my teaching strategies, which should be focused on students, in the enquiry and questions they make. In my performance as teacher I felt safer to be in the classroom, happy to share experiences and time with my students, I tried always create an environment Nice where everyone would feel comfortable living there and that learning was not a monotonous process. The relationship with the people that surrounded me, as husband, friends, and co-workers improved, my dealings with them became more cordial, I felt that I could get in the workplace when they acted in a different way to that I would have considered the correct. I attended mass on Sundays throughout my life for being Catholic, I felt sometimes that I did well, although it was not always so; late in the second half of the master, I stopped feeling the need to attend, seemed inconsequential to the sermon that the coupled with priest gave to the decertification that they had had in recent years, I chose to not go to mass, until the day that felt the need, I left feeling guilt for things that had no importance, but considered sinful the Catholic religionI stopped thinking about the existence of hell after death, I thought me a person with many virtues and defects that could overcome, I felt valued as a person, different from all but equally valuable as a whole that seeking good to others. . Details can be found by clicking IBA President or emailing the administrator.