Understanding Women

  • Not all women become women, as well, not all men become men. But not left to appreciate that desire to achieve and more to see this coming and going and turning and turning of all those that are still within the attractive hiding roads leading out of the labyrinth. Hence, the women feel it is not just a matter of "rules" of the ministry in power, by what you say to one that runs the risk of becoming pregnant, nor is it a question of surgery or distort the meaning of the word family, so that one or more like a one or a few, but still be one and nails. That is, what to create "image" still can not pass through the strainer, but at first glance some or leave them some eyes. Perhaps this is why a friend of mine reminds me of what you mean by the "image": "… he created his own image," and I think male and female "and if I understand correctly, I again emphasize, but this time with words poetry: "They were both naked, the man and his wife, not ashamed," and "and they become the one flesh" … With these memories, perhaps should not allow legislation to make me feel like I'm like a women.

    And is that being a woman!, Woman! and not others … As my friend … Not that I'm going to be difficult if not impossible. Is it because I am a man?. While in the maze is still keeping the hope, as Queen of relativity, and can be heard: that the power of procreation will give birth in pain "is now put to sleep and that the children go like hotcakes … Or that" browsing with burning … "now there's no master …

    Once we get economic independence, one or a life can continue searching. But … "He who hurts it hurts" and however much they do not want to accept and by many law or regulation that impose … I want to go against the nature of women and men … It has no future (not the maze). Of Hence, we see that one of the things women innate, or that take ties or that seek to burning, will result in the maze, a repeated breaking the ephemeral ties to the first break. Disclaimer: "Mastering": those who are within the domain of power, to those who are outside the domain of love. "Lazos de mujer": for those who are inside break at any time, for those outside are resistant, not to say, forever.