Vibration Platforms

  • During the past months, the bombardment of ads selling us vibration platforms has grown dramatically. It is curious to see how a few years ago only existed a couple of manufacturers worldwide, while now there are dozens of brands that sell this product, while the average price for any of these machines has risen from about 6000 to about 600. Isn’t it strange? Results fast, effortless, with ten minutes daily is sufficient but you have still not learned that miracles do not exist? Vibratory platforms were born with a single objective, recovery, and a single user profile, the elite athlete. Training in the platform increases the secretion of testosterone and growth hormone, which the athlete achieved arrive at their maximum strength levels faster than with a normal training. Look where is the difference; do not get stronger but you do faster, no more. So the person concerned must be someone who rushed by recover, something logical for an athlete of high level that you want to return as soon as possible to the competition.

    Even though your health over time also found that training on the platform, based on very specific exercises and very specific frequencies of vibration, increases calcium sedimentation in the skeleton, which is very beneficial for people who suffer from osteoporosis. But out of these two fields, recovery of the levels of strength and osteoporosis, don’t look for direct results. You will not lose weight, not eliminating cellulite, the Platform continues to be a training machine more than it has become fashionable. Well, one no more. First, by misleading advertising and the absurd which are phrases like ten minutes on the platform are equivalent to one and a half hours running. Come on, you can do the marathon in 25 minutes also is interesting to that of exercise without effort. The own sentence itself is a contradiction.