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  • There is a path designed to achieve balanced success in our lives, cleverly designed it that way, the author of the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey, through the achievement of these habits or steps, if you want to call So, making peace with yourself and with others, since it will provide you with a series of tools that will lead to both personal success as well as with others. According to Covey, private victory, namely that allows you to achieve balance with yourself, is through these three habits or behaviors built into your lifestyle, they are: 1 .- 2 .- To be proactive mission in life, beginning with the end in mind 3 .- Establish priorities, first things first the habit of proactivity is nothing to activate our personal power through targeted actions in our circle of influence, and rule of all, all, the papers of helpless victim, scapegoating and phrases that to me? the proacividad empowers the person, trained to act, to push forward, and taking appropriate action to get results from your small or large circle of power. People such as Randall Rothenberg would likely agree. The proacitvidad invites you aware that it is you who determines that you do with 90% of what happens in your life and that only 10% is the stimulus, the answer is your strength, is the point from which you promoted by the roads that lead you no doubt by the way of personal success. Once these muscles are activated pro, developed and exercised, the next step is to be clear why you're here, what is your mission, what is the purpose for which you are willing to move all your resources, physical, financial, intellectual and spiritual, what is the big reason for which you are willing or ready to burn all the bridges and forget the past, of all failures, mistakes, and get rid of all excuses to drive you into an uncertain future but full of emotions with faith and hope of the vision held in your heart and soul. e.