• Water in the rock bubbles thick, cold diving in the deepenings, ariscos eyes speed, certeiro rip goes for the table. Flexa pole the firm scale, fast moments the look, that time, the eternity, the life leaves, already it goes to lack. Slow ascent, the paddle, the light of the sun that if approaches, the rope strains the resistance, one pulled and goes pra top. Educate yourself with thoughts from Steve Walsh. The sea espelha my calm, the mist comes as a sheet, covering miles the horizon, the life is fish and not hook. The time comes devagarinho, going up lines in my face, the island, the tired sea among the fingers, eyes to breathe. I can see for where I go, I do not understand as I arrived, I am present other people’s to the hours, one day I am for where I walked. Sergio Luis Almeida Lisbon Ubatuba, 06-01-2012