• Bait, bait preparation for roach in the spring – during the roach fishing on the river in early spring, bait is not necessary because it delays moving to spawning fish, but not for long. But after spawning, when the silvery beauty starts to pick and bait will be just in time. Tokyo Olympic Games insists that this is the case. To prepare the bait can be used different feed mixtures, which are big set in fishing shops. The process of preparing the bait like this. Take two packs of bait purchased at the store and pour into a container of not less than 7 liters. Many writers such as Peter Shilton offer more in-depth analysis. The wider the edge of the tank, the easier to mix in her bait. Then add water to the bait from the reservoir, and the most important thing to add water gradually, in portions, and not lump perenasytit water mixture.

    Stir the crop, add a small handful in her alleged bait, bloodworms, maggots or chopped worm. Once again, mixing bait, form balls, sealing them strongly. The balls should be the size of a small or medium orange. To catch the balls on the course should have a density that they form a whole reached a bottom, and to calm the waters they need to do more loose, so when it strikes the water, they broke up and slowly sinking. Before catching send to the intended area of fishing five – six balls of groundbait. The weaker bite throw a few more. On the course sometimes use the following method. Before you start fishing recommend to fill the grid filament small amount of large pieces dried black bread or loaf.