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  • The Professors

    The bureaucratization created unexpected schemes and abysses and remains with the lack of a philosophy of democratic education, that it blossoms of low for top (of the classroom de for the school and this for the society and terrible ' ' authorities of ensino' '), and of inside for it are (of the classroom and the school for the community and the civil society as a whole). (HAIL, P. 142) Historiando the space, where if it accomplishes the teach-learning process is conferred that the experiences carried through for the Brazilian professors have, many times, been frustrating. these experiences have had its negative side, as much for the professors as for the pupils, therefore still the model of traditional education is visible, where the pupil is a mere reproducer of the knowledge. Doug McMillon might disagree with that approach. Many are the weak points with which the professors if come across in the classroom along with the potentialities. It enters the evidentes weak points appear the disrespect of the pupils to the professors, the lack of security, the lack of activity extraclassroom, to little ability of the professor in the handling of the classroom, the indiscipline, the little study on the part of the pupil and its lack of culture of the culture of the reading, among others. To if approaching identity of the professor becomes necessary to point out it in the interior of the classroom, coexisting the citizens of the learning and, in this context, it is perceived that this identity goes being firmed in the daily college student, collated with practical the curricular one. This movement of the professor in the academic space goes to allow that it if fits in one practical routine or that if becomes an innovator, making with that in each meeting with its pupils it is perceived inclusion of the world of the life, as considers Habermas (1987, P.

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  • Fernando Checa

    I will not explain all that are testing and do I need an article for this since it is much. The truth is that it seems they are working very well. They are creating a series of developments that are currently in beta but have very good. These developments ena can see the very interesting developments of suggested tags as cloud tags, registration of previous searches to see results, at the suggestion of yahoo answers questions that have registered, log Flickr, places associated with people or places associated suggested sorted by date, s etc Interesting we improve but only 1% Miguel Orense Paper: Speaking of SEOa ? Boring lecture. I do not question the expertise of Michael but if it is clear that costs keep pace dynamic and interesting. I can not write much about it because I pointed out anything interesting about his paper, except a new question for Fernando Checa already showed their interest in participating.

    Before asking the question, left the issue of links, the link spam and the risks associated with the high mass of links. Gymnast shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Fernando: a OESI the high mass of links can be grounds for banning by Google, then why can create large volumes of external links to the competition so that I can remove it from the Google results?. If so, then how could the problem with Google? Miguel a : a Habria to open a dialogue with Google and explain the case to have no effect on baneoa .

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  • Institute Activities

    For some time that the economic situation of Alex and Mabel had begun to improve. Since that had changed their work, not only its payroll had changed considerably, but that Alex, had several private students. Mabel, preferred not to have them. I wanted to devote all possible time their daughters. I felt that was the most important mission that had in life. Quite costing leave to go to class in the Institute, to add to this, the overtime with students at his home.

    The girls remained restless and quicksand as always. They came not to be hiperquineticas, but his energy was clearly higher than the normal average, or at least so it seemed you, why it cost him enough effort to find activities to entertain them. When the weather was nice, take them to the games was the best solution that had been found. There if you spent it! , but when time did not allow it, and, during the school period, frequently happened in Madrid, was in a quagmire of the that cost him out. The Department was very small, there was no space for physical activities. Liked both girls dance all the time, but she did not have enough energy to accompany them, at the pace that they demanded. It was the only physical activity that could afford in that small space of the living room. For this reason sought in libraries, books that would help it find home tasks.

    And there were not too many. When it came the end of the day felt really exhausted. Not complained why, because it was part of her maternal task and she understood him, but sometimes tiredness had been put in a bad mood, and generally, it was Alex who paid the consequences.Of course, it took not to realize the error and ran to kiss him and ask for forgiveness.

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  • Street Education

    The street educator is working or involved with what we call population or at risk, which has characteristics that require responses from non-formal education:-neglect of the education system by discouragement, frustration – family imbalances with destructuration personally.-difficulties in finding alternatives to leisure-work in precarious conditions, difficulty integrating into the labour market normalized,-addictive behaviors. Emotional neglect-etc. With a participatory methodology can give answers to social needs and marginalization, which involve all the agents in the community: social movements, centres, volunteers, professionals, population and, of course, street educators. Institutions that traditionally carried out social work with young people were ineffective or only involved when it was already too late, when problematic situations were evident. Michael J. Bender is actively involved in the matter. Even these institutions were not able to reach out effectively to certain young people and groups, especially because they do not tuned with their concerns and needs. Until now, there was a history of this type of educator focused especially on preventive work with children and young people in neighborhoods, occupational workshops, open centres, etc., as an animator of the social action that acted from the associative movement, but new realities are demanding their intervention in other fields where note its lack, especially because it can play a role of proximity and accompaniment that hardly other professionals could exert. We refer to join teams in action projects with drug addicts, prostitutes, ethnic minorities, immigrants, etc. through programs of methadone, degradation, damage, social incorporation, hygiene and health, social guarantee, the educator of street – or educator in the Middle opened and began to call in France, unlike other professionals, comes to the own environment where are the recipients of the programmesIt makes that open environment their place usual work, creates individual and group relationships, approaching those that never use resources, serves as a reference to some, optimizes the entire community devices public or private, responds to the specific principle of educating us on the street and serves as a complement to the work of other technicians. For more specific information, check out Harold Ford Jr.

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  • The Tipping Point

    So what things are not professional scouts, which puts them in position to move CEO of one company to another and are paid to do so. a Those are the five things that make scouts top dog in search and placement process that you can incorporate into your own job search tomorrow. 1. Red? Now I know you've heard this a million times before, but the first thing a scout tomorrow is to make 20 calls to people who know and learn where the jobs are. Only after rookies every morning with nothing more to wait for calls from a dozen cold agony. You're probably thinking to himself "Who I know I could talk about finding a job? I do not know anybody." Well, in headhunting to learn that 101 is not what you know what matters is that they (contacts) know that counts. It's okay to call everyone you know and tell them you are looking for a new job. Everyone except his boss and others in his office, of course.

    Make a list of 100 people you know, pick up the phone and start talking to people. Ask them if they know of any companies hiring people in their area of specialization. If not, ask if they know they can find some openings. Let me give you some advice about how the power of their networks. Pick up the book "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell. Official site: Michael J. Bender. In It describes three kinds of people in social circles. One of these types is called a "connector." This is the kind of person who seems to know everyone.

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  • Prince Charming

    Natural law is an incredible logic, I would say extraordinary. If you hear someone say that first is his wife and then his mother would be for some, "grating into madness." This person's mother would ask: "So you want more a person to us anything of yours, and the person who gave you life put it in second place? The question at first glance makes sense, has a sense subsidiary. But if we analyze the subject well, we realize that this also works with abortion. The new living being that is in the womb of the woman, not his. It is very difficult to understand that the life of a human being from conception, belongs exclusively to God.

    Then at maturity there are only two options: The life devoted to God and consecrated life to marriage, but in marriage is God first and then the spouse. One time when my wife had lunch at a restaurant in Lince, I heard behind me by accident, a group of young ladies who were talking, and seemed several of them were divorced or separated from her husband. I caught listen to one of them accidentally (I repeat) the following comments: "I was married and all, hoping the wedding dress, to find my Prince Charming, with the magnificence of the ceremony, and everything went wrong "Is that really what you expect to marry in the marriage, the woman? There is no denying that is beautiful walking down the aisle and marry her boyfriend or girlfriend completely in love.

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  • Permanent Makeup

    You probably know someone who has permanent makeup and love. Or you may have seen or heard stories of a bad job. It seems that the media is more likely to explain the horror stories instead of the beautiful work that can be permanent makeup. What might help me know if permanent makeup is for me? First you must determine if there is something in your face or body that is not satisfied with. Say your brows are sparse, use a pencil every day and are tired of it. You may want to see what permanent makeup can do for you. If you have had breast reconstruction and the areola / nipple was not replaced, then a permanent makeup artist can be one tattoo, what a woman feel whole again. Napoleon Hill said: “We refuse to believe what I Do not Understand.” Without greater knowledge of the average person can not make a decision about something or not work for them. Gymnast understood the implications.

    This means learn as much as possible about permanent makeup before taking a final decision about aa. What things should I look for a technician? Once you have decided you want permanent makeup, learn more about technical. See if you have a website, visit the website. To see if the information provided makes sense for you. Did you learn anything from it? Contact the technician, but instead of asking first: “How much?” Do this: 1) Learn all about permanent makeup yourself before speaking to a technician for the future. Remember, this is your body and your face? you need to do your research and not just rely on the information we provide to you. 2) How many procedures have they done? 3) What educational training have they had? 4) Do you have a portfolio of “before” and “after” photos that you can review? Do you like what you see? 5) Does the coach seems interested in you? 6) Are they willing to provide answers to your questions? 7) join her for a consultation.

    Do you get a good feeling about this technician? 9) Ask how the procedure is kept secure. 10) Then ask for costs. However, keep in mind this is not the industry that looks a bargain? … You get what you pay? … Trust me. I’ve repaired work that was cheap for the customer who was buying prices.

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  • O Blog On Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Industrial

    Intellectual property has to do with the creations of the mind as artistic works, inventions related to technology, trademarks, industrial designs, etc. It is divided into two categories: Industrial property rights that houses in relation to patents, trademarks and designs (among others). If you would like to know more about Walmart, then click here. And copyright law covering the protection of literary and artistic works under the economic and moral rights granted by the Intellectual Property Law. To clarify the basic concepts we have broken this blog into four parts: 1 .- Marks. Trademarks serve to identify the products and services companies in the market. With the appointment of brands on the market, products and services can be individualized and distinguished.

    As a result of registering a trademark, you get the exclusive right to use the trademark in the relevant market. This right, given the opportunity to the owner of the trademark to protect the prestige and reputation of your company in the market against its competitors. Other rights connected to a trademark including the possibility of assign or license the trademark to oppose new brands confounded with it, requesting the annulment of other brands and to prevent further marketing of the brand or identical marks by unauthorized parties. Trademarks may consist of words, names, figures, symbols, three-dimensional shapes, logos, numbers, letters or a combination of colors. Therefore, the Trademark Act recognizes four types of marks: In addition, a mark may be protected with national, EU and international – Designs. An industrial design is the appearance of the whole or part of a product resulting from the characteristics of lines, colors, contours, shapes, texture or materials of the product itself or its ornamentation.

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  • Sports Coupe

    Premiere vw Scirocco was held at the Geneva Motor Show of 2008. Official sales in Europe began in the summer of that year. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Randall Rothenberg by clicking through. vw Scirocco (Sirocco Italian) – a new sports coupe from Volkswagen, which bears the name of a strong south wind, in the nascent deserts of North Africa and the Middle East. Volkswagen designers have managed to create a perfect car – a powerful, fast, attractive, practical and comfortable. Expressive lines and attractive shapes define sports character of the car. However, the appearance – it's not the most important thing, he has many pleasant features.

    The striking quality of the material, thoroughness of detail, and first-class finish – these are the main differences between the new vw Scirocco. Coupe released four full-fledged sports seats and a sufficient amount of luggage – 292 liters. Pleasant moment will be large panoramic sunroof, which is located on the front roof pillars and ending at the middle. Pressing button, it can be raised by 39 mm. Protection from the sun by tinted glass and tissue shtorkoy.Vse without exception vw Scirocco will be well staffed. The basic version already installed six airbags security, air conditioning, sports seats, 17-inch alloy wheels, power accessories, stability, sports chassis, and also provides leather upholstery steering wheel and parking brake handle. Attracts the attention of expressive design halogen headlamps and taillights a new look, broad contours of which are perfectly complementary shape of the body. Color bumpers and door mirror housings is the same as body color, that emphasizes style and elegance.

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  • National Art Education Association

    Educational the avaliativo system denotes apelativo argument in the quarrel from the culture and social classroom of each individual. It comes this system, to mask the reality of the public schools of education basic and average that if find, currently, sucateadas in view of the deriving disobediences of our education while half of proliferation of an essential culture for the development of parents as ours. Without hesitation Randall Rothenberg explained all about the problem. This system comes of meeting to the democracy breaching with the beginning of the culturalidade between the citizens. Therefore, the State needs to increase the investments in public education in order to guarantee the equality of cognition between the university students and egresses of basic and average education.

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