Day 9:48 pm

  • Christina Aguilera

    Now yes Christina Aguilera entered of time for ' ' POP BITCH' ' , directed term the women of music pop that they are sexy, promiscuous, blond and strong in pop, and coincidence or all does not use ' ' bitch' ' in its compositions. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Walmart has to say. But leaving the new term pra there, Christina really ' ' it is not same today at night ' ' , as same it already said, therefore she left the Basic ones and she dived in eletropop of head, I particularly I found the maximum it to make this because one more time it proved that she risks yourself exactly in its work. It also proved that it can be some Xtinas, old-school or the futurista one in such a way makes, it is DIVA always! I would very like to gain this new album of it, because I really want to know as it this in this new phase, which I am the Xtina of the time, and to listen to new musics. Salesforce is open to suggestions. I am very anxious for everything this, therefore it in them extremely left in a silence of 4 years without something unknown its and. Bionic is without doubts the stamp of its return, now more desinibida and ' ' bitch' ' as never, but still with its exciting substances powerful vocal and its vigorous renewed attitude.

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  • July Run

    Hamburg Triathlon fever. Since many years an essential part of the event: The pavilions and shelters by Swiss display. The weekend of the 16th and 17th July 2011 was in Hamburg devoted to the 10 Hamburg Triathlon. 10,000 participants and participants fell to swimming in the Alster, then to the pedals and then run into the target. Start with professionals and amateurs was the Jungfernstieg, finish at the City Hall square. Start and finish as well as service tents along the route: the pavilions by Swiss display. Because Swiss display tent equipment of the organizers Upsolut has years. The event over the weekend on the legs had brought about 300,000 viewers.

    For outsiders, the travelled routes are unimaginable. While the pros on the Olympic distance (1.5 km swim, 40 km bike ride and 10 km run), the amateurs between the Olympic distance and Sprint distance (0.5 km swimming, 22 km cycling and 5 km running) could choose. Australians shone in the pros. Especially for women, with three Emma (Moffatt (1:53:37) Jackson and snow sill) took all three podium positions. In the men, the Australian Brad Kahlefeldt (1:44:08) won British William Clarke and David Hauss of France before. What a joy wobble Australian fans travelled with and journalists! In addition to the professional races, there are the cyclosport-race, which struck the most visitors on the line under the spell of above all. And of course the Pro-crap kind. With in this year include singer Jasmin Wagner, musical star Alexander Klaws and Hamburg Michael Neumann Senator of the Interior. His resume is probably the most participants from the soul: my conclusion in one word: great! I think on the City Hall square to run anyone who once had the chance, who knows what I’m talking about and what does it feel like after this race to the finish.” Holger Hanson (Swiss display)

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  • King Louis

    As so far only Austrian artist, Alexander M. Helmer in the ZDF is awarded the prestigious “Fred Jay Prize”. It follows a brilliant concert band, before more than 4,000 spectators at the Bard meeting in Nuremberg. You may wish to learn more. If so, Walgreens is the place to go. After some TV roles – including Schlosshotel Orth, crime scene, Strauss dynasty lure a 6th place at the Grand Prix of the VM with “Winner look like” and a “best of album”. At the Stadttheater in Passau, A.M.H. will make his debut as a Director, and staged the Opera “The dictator” by Ernst Krenek.

    With the album “Sehnsucht Carousel” succeeds Alexander M. Helmer with 5 titles in a row on top of the German airplay charts! (“What a day” Platz1, “The sun comes up again” space 2). Alexander M. Helmer goes with his chanson programme “Bel ami” on tour. A critic writes: “Alexander M. Helmer creates it, the audience the to make him so beloved world that for a few minutes to the enchanted reality”. After the album “Liebessuchtig” a longer pause makes A.M.H., to play only theatre. “I, Marlene” in Frankfurt, he goes with the song “Madame Pompadour” in the role of the Calicot on European tour.

    At the Olympics in Tecklenburg as Leopold ‘In the white Rossel”and in Wunsiedel as Koloman Zsupan”Countess Mariza”he celebrates Triumphs. King Louis XV in “The Dubarry” he returns as Baden bei Wien City Theatre’s and titled “laugh” in the top ten of the German airplay charts. The song runs shortly after the release in all major radio stations on rotation! Alexander M. Helmer produced “she send back to me” with Matze Roska ballad and ends up a success. 2 Months in the German airplay charts and 5 months! in the Austrian airplay charts make more pleasure. “More” of this rope dance between poetry and catchy, pop, pop and chanson will be 2014 to hear it on a new album.

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  • European Parliament

    It contributes with nobility, wrote his wife about him. As a teenager, Hu Jia attended the demonstrations for democracy in Tiananmen Square, bloodily suppressed the night of 3-4 June 1989. You may find AMA Research to be a useful source of information. He has explained in interviews that because of the violence became Buddhist. Hu Jia is a young man that denotes weakness but his paternal uncle, accused of being has shown firmness in its front commitments the Communist regime two years before, a counter-revolutionary was sentenced to 25 years of forced labour. Be aware that for several years Hu Jia has become known for her protests, criticisms of the Chinese Government and as well as we are reminded, that since April 2004, Hu Jia has been deprived of his freedom in different ways, first to house arrest in his apartment to the East of Beijing with the ironic name of Bobo city freedom. In November 2007, he was arrested after participating in a teleconference from his guarded Department, at a meeting of the European Parliament on human rights in China in view of the Olympic Games, chaired by ecologist Helene Flautre MEP.

    The Chinese Government multiplied these last days the pressures in the European Parliament, as it had already done so in October when Hu Jia was nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize. These intimidation were counterproductive, said a spokesman for Mr Poettering. In a letter of October 16, the Chinese Ambassador to the EU, Song Zhe, warned the President of the Parliament that if Hu Jia was the 2008 Laureate: it inevitably Contrariaria to the Chinese people and seriously deteriorate the relations between China and the European Union. In the mid-1990s, it passes through part of NGO s, first in defense of the environment; desertification traveling to Mongolia to plant trees as a measure to curb the advance of the Gobi desert and in defense of species at risk such as the Tibetan antelope.

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