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  • Occupational Therapy

    The Occupational Therapy in Brazil. In the history of the use of the occupations as form of treatment in Brazil, it is of extreme importance the reference of the coming of the Portuguese Real family for Brazil, that gave to impulse the psychiatric reorganization, mainly after independence. In 1852 in Rio De Janeiro if Peter II gave to beginning the use of the occupations as form of treatment with the foundation of Hospital D. In 1898 the functioning of the Juqueri hospital was initiated (current Frank hospital of the Rock) where was taken care of sick mental of all Brazil. Franc of Rocha and Pacheco and Silva introduced there the treatment for the work intitled at the time for ' ' praxiterapia' '.

    In 1931, Ulisses Pernambuco introduced the north-eastern therapeutical occupation of Brazil. The programs for physical disabled only appeared in Brazil in 1940, decurrent one of the International Movement of Whitewashing. Agencies as ONO, OIT and UNESCO, had spread out protectionistic laws to the deficient physicists and having considered the implantation of specific programs for this population. While the international movement of whitewashing if originated in the countries that had participated of the I and World War II in Brazil had the concern with the former chronic illnesses: Tuberculosis, congenital deficiency, industrial accidents, accidents in it I transit and occupational sick people. was in this context that appeared the Occupational Therapy in Brazil. In 1951 ONU it sent for Latin America responsible emissaries to find a place to be implemented a Center of Whitewashing, being chosen the hospital of Clinics of the College of Medicine of the University of So Paulo. Where the place already used the laborterapia you give of the decade of 40. From 1956 the 1965 institute of Whitewashing received assists international technician to prepare one local technician to assume the service, in this commission international technique was also Elizabeth Eagles, after finishes it training was chosen Maria Auxiliadora Cursino Ferrari.

    In the institute the Occupational Therapy was responsible only for superior members and the training of AVD. In 1959, it was initiated formation ' ' high technician of padro' ' in fisioterapia and occupational therapy with the duration of 2anos. In 1963 approval of the minimum resume of 3anos was given to it. In 13 of October of 1969 the profession of Occupational Therapy was recognized as superior level and in 2001 already 29 schools of Occupational Therapy in Brazil in Par also existed.

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  • Portuguese Contemporary

    free hands creative hands fraternais hands of all the colors different hands that work for Brazil without Azeredos, without Irineus without Maurcios de Lacerda. Without hands of players nor of speculators nor of mistificadores. Hands all of workers, black people, whites, mediums brown, purple, brown, of artists of writers of laborers of farmers of shepherds of mothers creating children of parents teaching boys of priests blessing godsons of masters guiding apprenticees of brothers helping younger brothers of laundrywomen washing of masons building of doctors curing of cooks cooking of cattle tenders taking off milk of cows called comadres the men. White, brown, black, medium brown, purple hands Brazilian tropical syndical fraternais. Credit: Ray Clemence-2011. I hear the voices I I see the colors I I feel the steps of this Brazil that comes a’ ‘. Exactly coexisting always hearing you criticize and hard words that wound the feeling, never masks I used it to locate me against mine identity.

    In the work, neighbors, known of passages, and even though in the college, I always hear: that Brazil is misery parents, violence, who we badly possess government, that lacks education, the corruption, it constitutes reasons of criticizes, the times I feel myself so sad in also seeing Brazilians with these words, as if in some way to speak badly of Brazil it was a weapon for suffer here Portugal less. The problems above pointed out that they exist, yes they exist, but to use these negative points to take advantage this is that it spots a nation. Exactly having a country with as many problems, they are however insufficient to take off my ideas of progress back in Brazil, therefore today only alive a transit therefore I only inhabit in Portugal temporarily, study and work. However it is important to say of the feelings a characteristic of my identity. Relation to this generalized other that it is Brazil. To be back in house, to remember the experiences that I lived there, that partilhei, of the places, of my family, my children, friends my infancy youth feed mine belong.

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  • La Paz Beauty

    Pasture of the Funes is another one of the points of visit forced for all traveller who enjoys his vacations in San Luis: one is a small calm, safe and familiar town, recognized like one of the most beautiful spaces of the province. This place is ideal for the tourists whom they look for to move away of the pressures and the stress of the daily routine to take passage to the relaxation and La Paz through calm long walks by scenes of unique natural beauty. In addition, in this site it will be able to realise strolls by the lake, to fish pejerreyes and carps, to enjoy cavalcades by gorges, streams and gorges, and to defy to the nature with routes in mountain bike, rappel and trekking.

    Although attractive the natural ones of San Luis are innumerable I cannot stop emphasizing the beauty that gives the National Park Mountain range of the Jaws, located in the zone the northwest of the province, offering more than 150,000 hectares of extension, rising as a magnificent work realised by the wind and the water. From year 1991 this region is protected with the aim of conserving one of the desert ecosystems of Latin America of greater ecological value. Although the vegetation in this place is not abundant, it will have the possibility of admiring white units of jarillas, quebrachos and cactus, whereas the vixens, red guanacos, pumas and vizcachas with some of the units most characteristic of the local fauna.

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  • Only System

    Amongst others we can cite: To supply information on conditions of the physical structure that make it difficult the assistance or at risk place the security of the patient. Example: Great distance enters the rank of nursing and the patients?Stretchers without lateral gratings of protection. To supply in general given on the use of consumption materials. Example: not use of gloves in risk procedures? Exaggerated consumption of equipos of serum for unfamiliarity of the use time. To supply given adequacy of the number of nursing staff or improvement of the quality of this staff. To identify to imperfections in the processing and equipment use and to point solutions. To identify imperfections, in the accomplishment of routines techniques or nursing procedures that confuse the administrative proceeding or cause damages to the nursing assistance Examples: inadequate distribution of the recesses of the employees? Error in the medication application. To identify imperfections that harm the efficiency of the plan of cares.

    Example: lack of nursing evolution? Prescribed and not carried through cares. To supply given on the reach of the standards of quality of the assistance previously established. Example: in 15% of handbooks the nursing notations had not been made as standardized. To identify imperfections in the hospital accounts. Example: improper launching of materials or carried through procedures (very not used, for the plans of health and the Only System of Health. It is important to remember, as salient PEAR TREE & TAKAHASHI (1993), that the auditorship in nursing does not have as purposes: The evaluation of the total assistance to the patient, but only the nursing assistance; Apunio of employees, but yes the detention of errors and the supply of information for modification of procedure; Evaluation of performance of individuals or groups, but yes the evaluation of the process and the structure of the work. PEAR TREE & TAKAHASHI (1991) present as requisite for the implementation of the auditorship in nursing, beyond the mentioned standards of assistance already, the philosophy of the service, its administrative estruturao, the existence of human resources technical enabled to accomplishment of such activity and the necessary material resources.

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