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  • Deputy Manager

    I took over the job of Deputy Manager in the bathroom, where I work, a few years ago. An another colleague had completed her master in the last year. At the moment the desire arose in me again, to follow this training path and to live my long-time dream. My children are now out of the Woods out, so I find the necessary time to prepare. I have informed me then in the Internet, what ways of preparation, and stumbled on the BSA-Akademie.

    “Very quickly, then fell the decision, this path to tread.” the BSA-Akademie offers for me the perfect opportunity to prepare”since November 2011 prepares himself with the part-time course of the BSA-Akademie Brigitte Siegl executives for bad companies” on the master examination. A different preparation course for them would not have questioned. All courses, with which it is for the Prepare the master craftsman’s examination, are designed so that you have several weeks classroom. For me, that was not an option, both professional and private reasons. I can not just several weeks of home leave.

    This is simply not possible with family and job. The BSA-Akademie offers the perfect combination of distance learning and attendance phases. Through my half day job in the bathroom and the fact that all children are in school in the morning, I have sufficient scope to prepare at home on the presence phases and to work through the lessons. The longest periods of presence last six days at most times, this time I can vote with my husband with regard to the care of our children. For this take I also the drive from Bavaria to Saarbrucken would like to purchase. There is overnight accommodation directly on the site, so that even after the end of presence teaching must go not more somewhere, I have the evening at the disposal, to rework the learned material and the next day to prepare. “” For me the perfect way of preparing. “my experience helps me in the preparation” I’m one of the oldest participants with us on the course. Many attend the preparatory course directly in the following their training. So the learning easier them accordingly, because they are still used. I benefit, however, from my many years of experience. I know many things that conveyed in the course, already from the daily practice. And learning is clean also fast again. With every order and every phase of the presence I come my goal a little bit closer, and I think at the end of the BSA course, I will be prepared very well for the master examination.” “Company description Feuchtasia” in wet: the Feuchtasia “in damp offers bathing pleasure pure. In addition to a paddling pool for the little ones, the older children and adult in the shallow pool of fun can (1000 m water surface) fun,. which one has about 70 m waterslide with separate landing pool, air bubble loungers, water mushroom, massage jets, ground water jets, counter-current, waterfall shower and floor bubbles to offer. “Athletes” can drag along the way with their orbits water surface in the sports pool over 1000 m. There is also a diving pool with a 5 m, 3 m and 1 m diving Tower. A beach area attracts with its white beach and thatched umbrellas to stay a. Also lawns, playgrounds for children and adults as well as a place with two table tennis tables and two beach volleyball fields on approximately three acres spread area.

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  • Gabriele Ehlers

    Concentration on fun – not on information overload the classical education and training will leave it deliberately and entering the infotainment area! The fundamental difference between training/training and infotainment in the motivatorischen objective. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Stan Kroenke. Training/training, 80-90% of knowledge and motivation teaching 10-20% for the use of newly acquired knowledge are the target. Infotainment events the motivation is as much the focus (40%-50%) such as providing specific content (50%-60%). A focus on knowledge and lots of new information affects the participants more stressful and tiring. The consequences are fatal, because the “negative connotation” (fatigue/stress/concentration difficulties) is immediately brought by our brain in connection with the “new content” (Office 2010).

    In a brain-friendly communication (fun, movement and variety), however, are (new) Content fuller and more experienced and are therefore better in the long-term memory. The participants work during a 90 or 120-minute briefing actively with the activities carried out within different throwing and catching exercises – suitable for the subject – with only one ball. In maximum 2 hours, participants gain insight to “Excel”, “Outlook”, “Powerpoint”, “Word”, and “Windows 7” with sustainable impact. Cooperation between FQL and Integrata AG the Integrata AG is currently the only provider that offers information events for a successful IT migration using juggling exercises. Several major companies from different industries hired already Integrata AG with the realization of exciting IT migration info events in connection with business-juggling. These projects have been realized with juggling trainers of the Munich-based agency FQL – communication management for motivation, enthusiasm & success. Holder Stephan Ehlers is not only a trainer for motivation and professional juggler, but also Inventor of the successful juggling learning system REHORULI. For this juggling learning system in recent years, he has trained currently 30 coaches in Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands.

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  • Same Gift

    If we are talking about clothes for riding, I will say a few words about this gift. Of course, you can ride in the most ordinary sports clothes, but it's inconvenient. For example, jodhpurs – Breeches – sewn so that the inner side of legs do not have any seam that might rub the foot, and knees are special badges that had no time to wipe breeches of the seat. Jacket or vest tailored so as not to interfere with movement and at the same time, tight-fitting shape, giving the coach the ability to control posture rider. No doubt, and convenient, and a good gift. But it is better not to choose "By eye" and, together with those to whom it was intended. Knowledge of the size there is not enough: the clothes should be very precise to sit on the figure. If you would like to know more then you should visit Pittsburgh Steelers. Of course, which came not by the size clothes in any store without a problem to exchange, but it is – extra trouble, you agree? But the most useful items of clothing a rider – a protective helmet.

    And ignore them in a mass roughly the same way as motorists – safety belts. A person who is engaged in sports (especially jumping) the helmet is likely to have: without it, the competition was not allowed. In many educational groups are now without a helmet on a horse, too, do not put a (hopefully soon so will be everywhere), and those who do not have their own, are available for hire. Convenient option, but … not the most hygienic. So the hat – a great gift horsemen! And without trying to buy is simpler: the commercially available models of adjustable size. Such a gift without the words will show your attention and care about the person.

    Well, now it's thing: where did all this take? Indeed, in pet stores are no products for horses, and in sports shops – for the riders. Equestrian sporting goods (and for a man and his four-legged friend) usually sold only in specialty stores that are now in almost all cities. Well, if the range does not suit you, there are Internet resources where you can order goods from the vending delivery almost anywhere in the world. By the way, if You need not "big" gift and souvenir – for example, co-worker on March 8, – in every shop has a large selection of "horse" gifts. We just have to figure out how to teach. Well, the last one. Do not be surprised if, after such gift you will begin to actively tout the stable and offer a ride on horseback! 🙂

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  • Kenpo Karate Association

    Chow, a student of James Mitose. This variant of Kempo is a mixture of Kosho Ryu Kempo and 5 animal Kung Fu the Chow family. This system uses many technical circular and linear and some 500 techniques are required for the recognition of the level of black belt. Currently, the Kara-ho Kempo Karate Chinese is evolving with Sam Kuoha has added several new techniques as well as 12 kata based on the 12 technical basic linear original Chow. This system is a growing organization of Kempo and currently has more than 5,000 members. SHAOLIN KEMPO KARATE is a system founded by Fred Villari, a student of the Kajukenbo and Shorinji Kempo systems, as well as other martial arts. Fred Villari system tends more toward the Kung-Fu and largely uses the techniques of the 5 animals of Chuan Fa.

    Kempo system were added the White Tiger Chin Na techniques and various projections and Aikijujutsu inmobilizaciones. The Kempo Shaolin teaches in the United States and Canada. The Organization of the Grand Master Villari called centers of self-defense of Villari (Villaris Self Defence Centers). There have been several subdivisions of this branch. KENPO KARATE AMERICANO a variant of the Kenpo Karate Chinese of William Chow. The Ed Parker Kenpo American system is the largest and best organized. Parker took that William Chow taught him and organized each technique and movement in such a way that it could be subdivided into levels for all students. Parker thought the innovations that he added to his Kenpo came to be 85% of the system, so renamed it American Kenpo Karate.

    This system can be seen proudly in perfect weapon (The Perfect Weapon) movies and Street Knight with the 5 th dan Jeff Speakman, who is one of the leaders of the system and former student of Ed Parker, as the protagonist. KENPO from NICK CERIO Lo founded Nick Cerio in 1974. He received his first black belt in the style of Mr. Kajukenbo George Pesare. He gives credit to the great master Chow and Grand Master Parker in creating your style. Cerium Kempo schools teach most of the forms of Shotokan, Kung-Fu and Kajukenbo, Taekwondo kicks, Jujutsu and Japanese positions. Teaches the use of the Chinese and Japanese systems and maintains many traditional forms. Cerio considered master Chow his teacher and teacher Parker his coach. KENPO KARATE of the White Tiger emerged from the joint training of master John McSweeney, 10th dan, with Thomas Saviano, 5 th dan. Mr. McSweeney was introduced in martial arts through the army and trained Judo at the Kodokan in Tokyo in 1952. Upon returning to the United States he met Ed Parker and began training with him in 1959. Through Mr. Parker also trained with many Kung-Fu artists such as Jimmy Woo (Assistant to Parker for some time) and James Lee (the future training Bruce Lee’s partner). Mr. McSweeney is trained on Parker Kenpo and in Kung-Fu the Grulla Blanca with Woo. He received his black belt from master Parker in 1962. This, along with lessons learned in several street clashes resulted in the style of McSweeney. Mr. Saviano also learned traditional Karate and Kung Fu forms Northern. All combined is what is called white tiger Kenpo. If you are looking for references that support this search in the AKKA (American Kenpo Karate Association) where Mr. McSweeney is Chairman and Mr. Saviano is vice President. This information comes from an email from Matt Knowles.

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  • Chicco Bubble Kids

    But it can be washed hair, does that have to use more product. Baby shampoo is recommended, and people who prefer “all natural”. Shampoo for children older than three years are no longer simply a means for washing the hair, but often a toy for the bath. Of course, they also buy their children adults, but kids are already starting to occur, and very often, preferences for a particular product. And the company, realizing that today’s kids – tomorrow is their customers are trying to entice young customers. In the first place by the fragrance and packaging. The most popular scents shampoo children – fruit.

    For example, the company has released a new Chicco Bubble Kids shampoo with the scent of melon. Shampoo My Teddy of “Alen Mak” smell honey and flowers. “Quack-quack” of the same company – Duchess. The “droplets” from “Mezoplasta” aroma of raspberries. “Drakosha” from “Kalina” beckons strawberries. In “Little Fairy” three different scents shampoo for every taste – berry, floral and fresh.

    In the range of shampoos “Princess Fish” from the “Harmony Plus” four flavors – blackberry, kiwi, apricot and banana. Schauma Kids Shampoo from Schwarzkopf smell strawberry or cola. Manufacturers even inflicted on the bottle warning label: “Cosmetic products – do not drink!”. A similar warning on the package and there is a shampoo Corinne de Farme. To some it may seem a joke, but in fact it would not hurt to do and other companies. After all, feeling the smell edible, children are often attempt to try the shampoo. But even the safest of them can do great harm if it enters the stomach. Many children do not like to wash my hair, because this process distracts them from playing in the bath, and to the same shampoo stings his eyes. Virtually all manufacturers of children’s shampoos promise to solve this problem, pointing to the label “no tears” or “no stings his eyes.

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  • Andrea Civan

    LCD TVs, the Nintendo Wii game consoles were also very popular and the Apple iPhone. Overall, the redcoon shops mailed approximately 230,000 articles throughout Europe in December. Italian consumers were most ausgabefreudigsten. Peter Shilton may help you with your research. You gave the highest average shopping cart with 351 euro redcoon-shop in Italy. Pure Heckel: the much cited economic crisis has our Christmas business not affected on the contrary. We this lead back mainly on the fact that redcoon with electronics meets the needs of consumers for the sharpest prices.

    Redcoon is with around four million visitors in the month of one of the largest online electronics stores in Germany and Europe that arrives and leads to success.”. The company’s success is based on a huge selection of current trend products at extremely competitive prices. In addition an excellent shop and logistics concept and excellent service after sale and repair. Note to editors: this Press release and image material is available for download at cmd/home/a/detail/aid/146. About Electronics cheap. is one of the largest specialized discount stores for consumer electronics, white goods, computers, photo- and sports requisites in the German-speaking Internet. One of the largest European suppliers in this segment is redcoon ( with its own online shops in nine countries. Headquartered in Aschaffenburg, Germany was founded in 2003 and enjoys an excellent reputation as online provider for consumer electronics among consumers. A huge selection of current products, excellent prices and a shop – and logistics concept that leaves hardly a customer are basis for this success. Around two million Internet users visit the German redcoon shop every month, Europe is a monthly well over four million Internet visitors. Average sent redcoon about 140,000 products every month and win every day around 2,000 New customers. Reiner Heckel is the founder and CEO of Press contact: redcoon GmbH Andrea Civan marketing Tel.: + 49 (0) 6021 / 44 78-201 fax: + 49 (0) 6021 / 44 78-200 E-mail: Web: Herbert grave digit media Schulberg 5 D-72124 Pliezhausen Tel.: + 49 (0) 7127 / 5707-10 E-mail:

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  • The Hostel

    This world-class surf spots were also nicknamed “the Hawaiian the island of Fuerteventura A Europe”. Actually, Fuerteventura has because who expected will be surely disappointed its very own charm, this tropical rain forest and rich culture, but nevertheless the island attracts thousands of tourists with their bizarre lunar landscapes every year in its spell. That is in addition to the white and often deserted sandy beaches and coves, the azure waters and the 365 sunny days a year in the but and even lost a little rain. Therefore, we say dear 350 days of Sun and are probably on the safe side. Clear a spot of sunshine can be found somewhere on the island, therefore, also the other statement is quite alright.

    The unique of Fuerteventura is the beach variety and great surf spot. As the wave and wind conditions, and the weather can change frequently, the likelihood on the perfect wave is low, if it remains always on the same beach. Rafael Nadal will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Sporthostel searches with the Sporthostel surf school with the participants of the surf course and the Surf camp taglcih for the best beach and the best surf spot. So on to the square Fuerteventura, where there are the best waves for the appropriate surf level surf students. No gravel road (and there are some) is therefore to dusty, not a pothole too deep and too steep, because somewhere always a breaking good wave and the experienced and ISA licensed instructors explain no mountain road detailed the movements of each new beach and bring your simple and meaningful co-ordinated exercises everyone on board.

    Surf student accommodation is available at the Surf camp, which is situated in the surf & dive Hostel / Hotel in El Cotillo to the North of the island. In addition, the participants can even apartments of the categories of classic”Deluxe” choose. A small programme is always included in the camp life and completes the whole. You can do anything with other surf students after surfing, together explore the island, eat tapas, cooking bemeinsam Grill, chilli or make the party go to Corralejo. Also shopping trips, yoga, snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports are offered. The Hostel and apartments are located in close proximity to the sea and are equipped with attention to detail offer so everything the surfer’s heart desires. If you like to want to learn surfing in Fuerteventura & looking for tips to surf and/or would like to stay at the Surf camp of Sporthostel, then look just on the Web site at. The whole Sporthostel team will be happy to know you care and to share the love to surf with you. Maybe till soon T.Stark

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  • The Main

    It provides an opportunity within a glasses both a long and a short-sightedness to compensate, which plays an important role especially in the presbyopia. So must be constantly alternated between different eyewear models. How big are the respective glasses of the glasses, depends on the chosen version. The version provides support of the glasses. As a general rule: the smaller the lenses lower their weight. Materials for the production of eyeglasses frames are silver, stainless steel, titanium, plastics, or cellulose acetate. Learn more at this site: Ray Clemence.

    The shape and size of the frame of the glasses should be selected to face size, eye distance and size of the orbit. The eyebrows should not be covered by a normal pair of glasses. Stop the head Gets the glasses on the one about the temples and on the other hand nose bridges. The spectacle frames must be so long that it comfortably enough behind the ears. To avoid pressure points, the glasses may not to snug against the face selection of species eyewear: sunglasses sunglasses is probably the most widely used glasses, even for those who have a visual impairment.

    The tint of the glass reduces the incidence of light and protect the eyes from UV rays. The tint of the glass can be varying degrees. In high mountains or skiing, where the sunlight is very strong, special light protection sunglasses are needed. Children’s glasses need some children already glasses, to early treatment of Ametropia. The glasses for infants or toddlers have a plastic mount, also the brackets are included in the. So, the glasses are particularly resistant. Sports glasses are made the glasses for sports shatter-proof glass and a very flexible and light frame. Sit very close to the head, without however pressing. Also eyewear or goggles are to move under the sports glasses. Diving goggles or mask if you will, is also a sport diving. However, a mask is made differently and must meet other criteria as sport glasses. The Main part of a diving mask is made of rubber or silicone. A slice is used in the field of vision. Sealing lips prevent ingress of water between face and glasses. 3D glasses 3D movies are becoming more popular, because the experience of what is happening on the screen is much more intense. 3D glasses is required however to make visible the dimensionality on the flat surface to the human eye. Goggles in some occupations special goggles are needed to protect the eye from flying sparks, chemicals, radiation or ver Blitzungen. Also in the military, glasses are used in various areas as eye protection.

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