Day 2:18 pm

  • Johann SAK Munich

    Bottle design for a number of air real alpine air in the bottle offers an eBay auction on. Everything needs a good bottle has the bracket Cap bottle with specially printed label and bottle seal, only the content however, is something special – only air – the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze. Will be delivered according to offer on request personally. At the time, you will find a very special auction on eBay. Bill Nun has similar goals. Here, a bottle comes filled with fresh train Spitz air under the hammer.

    For the bottle, your own labels were developed and printed so that the bottle. The bottle is a bracket Cap bottle with rubber seal. Delivery on request personally when the buyer pays the travel costs. Whether is worth the expense, the buyer put into it in his product, it will be apparent. The starting price is at least at 29 what the seller with the high procurement and transportation costs, as well as establishing loving of the quotation of “Unique”. Even if there is a in the truest sense of the word “Air number” is, it’s always an original idea. Here the link to the auction cgi.ebay.

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