Day 1:37 am

  • Failure And Success

    There is a failure. It is this attitude which is regrettable and not only because the “failure” raises a lesson earlier and requires a positive attitude. Down with the resistance or the resignation or protest or resignation. This is a foreign exchange forward and the truth is that the failure we can not expect the world to change, we can only change ourselves. The failure is ours, for us.

    Opportunity comes to us all once in a lifetime. And when do we have to use it. Getting the juice that we can only get us. Because it is for us. Our failure to contain everything we need for our evolution. Key to this is encouraged to touch, remove the husks turn black and feel nutritious. But first, you wonder if you’re really committed to success. If one rejects the failure or really identify with him.

    Not all people who complain and complain of failure are identified with success. Failure is therefore necessary to study, understand well and then reject that part of his nature that deserves to be discarded or modified. No further. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ian Cole. Keep the lesson, with the bitterness, the pain. They are good companions, are reliable guides. But to make the passes with them is imperative to think responsibly, evaluate, identify and that we are not cloud the eye with illusions or mirages. Know that we are neither a cork in the sea. We are constantly deciding how to act. And the decisions we make for various reasons. Sometimes we act driven by a thirst for success.

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  • Pollen Protective Fabric

    This new pollen protection tissue attracts the pollen through its special coating. This new pollen protection tissue attracts the pollen through its special coating. It has elongated mesh, which are much bigger than pollen also on the narrow side. This much more air and light can penetrate the tissue, as this has been the case with the traditional fabrics. This other type of weave and the special coating the pollen are dressed practically and stuck to the fabric. The enormous light and air permeability is this tissue very well for a year-round use. Efficacy such as birch and grass pollen over 99% for Ambrosia – and nettle pollen over 90%. Very strong air permeability up to 300% better compared to previous pollen protection tissues (wind strength 1: 0.3 1, 6 m / s).

    Very good review by a new concept of mesh. The stitches are greater than pollen elongated and narrow side. All year round use the tissue is as combined pollen guard and as a Mosquito nets can be used all year round. This is possible by the UV and the improved light and air passage of the new material. Cleaning the rain washes off already due to the smooth surface, the most pollen. For more cleaning the fabric or mesh just under running water can be rinsed and wiped with a lint-free cloth.

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