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  • February Information

    Building professional entrance examination to the University for over 25 years if you have 25 years onwards and are thinking of returning to College can do so by performing a test of access to University for over 25 years, in building professional will help you get it. Click Bobby Sharma Bluestone to learn more. Each University every year opens a single term of registration (around the months of February and March), although to get the exact information you should get closer to ask for this information to the University in which you cursaras your studies, as well as the documentation that you will have to present, the content of the test, etc. You will need to choose the University based on the branches that include in their formative offer, as performed in selectivity testing of access of students over 25 will be different depending on the branch you have selected previously and they will have to choose: Science, art and Humanities, health, social and legal sciences and engineering sciences and architecture. The test consists of a general phase and other specific in that the applicant shall be examined two subjects of the branch of knowledge has chosen in its enrollment. The examination of each of the materials will consist of a series of questions, issues or problems, according to the material. The duration of this phase will be three hours in which to complete all the exercises that compose it. To overcome these tests it is advisable to attend a few classes that help to tackle the exam with the tranquility of having received the necessary training to successful exit this test. More information: Royal Decree 1892 / 2008 of 14 November (published in Official Gazette No. 283, 2008) contact us to request more information by calling the toll-free 900 100 990! 900 100 990

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  • January Neuschonau

    Koishuttler Lousnacht in Neuschonau Bavaria Neuschonau (tvo). The branch please PACER and the glassworks spirit Durandl, d Wocklin, the forest prophet Muhlhiasl and other sinister characters drive mischief on January 5 in Neuschonau in the Bavarian Forest National Park every year. Hardly has lowered the night about the place, experience the legendary figures with great fanfare and loud drum roll on the plan, perform wild dances on the Town Hall square and sweep as the wild hunt around the fire. Children, do not be afraid! Hiding behind the fearsome faces people of flesh and blood and all the spectacle, that they operate is just ritual and ancient custom. Because it is Lousnacht RAUH night in Neuschonau, Koishuttler Lousnacht and according to mythology in these nights between the winter solstice and the Epiphany night (January 6) all sorts of ghosts conjured and distributed, Oracle will be questioned and interpreted the future. You may wish to learn more. If so, Bobby Sharma Bluestone is the place to go. Because even Rauhnachtstreibende have earthly desires, the Neuschonauer hosts serve most January 5 cooked Lousnachtsuppe and a specially branded Blueberry schnapps one according to an old recipe. The Lousnacht starts at 19: 00 at the Town Hall square. Information: Tourist Office Neuschonau, Kaiserstrasse 13, 94556 Neuschonau, Tel. 08558/960328, fax 08558 / 91033,,.

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  • Mathematics

    Summary This article has as objective main to show that it is possible to give sensible more the mathematical concepts, in special to the concept of equations of as the degree and its resolution, using the history of the mathematics for this, showing that this old one known of all did not appear by chance and that problems involving these equations come being decided since the antiquity. Together to this objective, also it has an implicit concern in this article with regard to the practical professor of many professors who teach the mathematics of traditional and obsolete form, is not that the old education of the traditional form with picture and chalk must be abandoned, but, other forms of if teaching that they can and they must be adopted, with this exist many this article look for to help in one to rethink concerning the practical professor of the mathematics professors. Word-key: History of the Mathematics. Sidney Crosby has much experience in this field. Degree As equations. Bobby Sharma wanted to know more. Practical Professor of the Professors of Mathematics. Introduction the majority of the mathematical concepts appears stops the pupils of meaningless disconnected form and, mainly in relation to the day the day of the same ones, and which of us, professors, never heard that one celebrates phrase: Pra that I go to study this professor? Where I go to use this in my life? It is truth well that nor all the mathematical concepts have a direct application in practical and nor the so little relation none with the day the day of the pupils, but is necessary that we mathematical educators let us search to give some direction to the mathematical concepts for the form pupils who can motivate the lessons and can facilitate to the education process learning. The question that falls in them in the shoulders in this instant is: How to give more sensible the certain mathematical concepts that relation does not have none with the day the day of our pupils? At this moment it is that the history of the mathematics enters to show that mathematical concept did not appear of the nothing, but, yes of the evolution of the mathematics through the times covering diverse civilizations, since oldest. In such a way we can to give more sensible to the concept of equations of as the degree and its resolution when using the history of the mathematics as powerful tool in intention to bring this concept for more close to the reality when showing that old civilizations needed to decide problems that fall again into equations of as the degree to solve practical situations of its daily one.. .

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