Albert Einstein Interactions

  • Imagine one Argentina, structured on criteria of creativity, participation, decentralization of powers publicos(particularmente de la Administracion Publica Nacional o Federal) and demographic deconcentration. Positioned in the dimension deconcentration, considered as a component of the Argentina regarded as a system of interpersonal relations, is not redundant consign be attentive to the latest available census (2001), the Argentine population of our days overspread the 37 million inhabitants. Vale entered in function of participation, there is a pattern of about 26 million voters. The population is distributed in little more than six hundred thousand (1600) settlements ranging from the 600 inhabitants to the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires which is approximately 13 million inhabitants. There is, regardless of the small scattered rural population, several settlements ranging from 100 to 599 inhabitants. Nearly a quarter of the population lies pursuing some kind of study. Without prejudice to any further quantitative precision, can one try to columbrar the result of the sum of interactions arising out of a potential of almost 38 million people mass. It is not simultaneous interactions, but enesimos linkages, of different degrees of intensity, which will become some kind of involvement in any instance.

    This synergy is called, and should consider the effects of what we are considering here. This mass of interactions with unavoidable environmental projections, is in turn inserted into the mass of interactions that generate the around of 6400 million of current crew of the Earth ship. A quote from Albert Einstein pregnant of aesthetic value, can help give the psychic mood to tackle what escapes us hands: to the smallest drop of Dew fall from the petal of a rose in the soil affects the farthest star. (With its: until the thinnest hair / makes his shadow on the floor; our Jose Hernandez had overtaken him in his lap of Martin Fierro, 1879) The State of the art, of the multiple studies thereon which are being carried out, with a clear trend to the transdisciplinary, and whose detailed reading is impossible for a single person, evidence of the limitations of the notions of control and organization that were considered as reliable parameters from modernity.