• Anecdotes about Malaria Malaria asks his son: 'When there is a mother finally nakrasili already? " At that the kid replies: "The plaster laid, causing pervy layer '. The painter paints a wall in a madhouse. Suitable crazy: – You firmly by brush holding on? – Yes, – he answered. – Well, then I take away the ladder. Call to the Labour Exchange of the building office: – We need a house painter. – Malaria No, there is a gynecologist. – Yes we need a decorator! – Well, he is a painter or maybe just his very money is needed.

    They took it. A day later again call: – Please send two more gynecologists. – Why do you need two more? – You know, yesterday we came to the object and the door closed. So your gynecologist for two hours our entire apartment through the key well plastered wallpaper! Husband, wife and house painter discussing what color to paint the ceiling in the bedroom: Male: – In my opinion, should be pink. Wife: – None. I think – in blue. The painter: – probably worth listening to the opinion of Madame, because she often has to see ceiling The painter said to the disciple: – go kras window. An hour later, a student comes in and says the master: – The windows painted, and paint the frame too? Wife – husband: – Strange, this painter! I whitened the kitchen for an afternoon, but a neighbor and two weeks does not cope – Did not realize? – Grinning husband. – Are you fifty years, and a neighbor twenty! End of the day, the chief engineer comes to the object and saw that the painter wiping cloths tools. Chief Engineer: – Basil Semyonich! As you are not shame, while a 17:20, before the end of the day 40 minutes! And you are going home already! The painter: – Yes, you understand, comrade chief engineer until the cloth tool protresh until podmetesh floor until garbage to throw out, yet hands pomoesh until , here's workday ended. Chief Engineer (pointedly): – Basil Semyonitch, well you're wrong, here I am starting to go home at exactly 18:00! The painter: – And you meet some of Che, his mouth shut, so go! Small smotpit, the pope kpasit ceiling mom govopit him: – Smotpi, , and learn, podpastesh and dad will help – And what, moreover, he did not dokpasit time of