Are Phakic Intraocular Lenses What?

  • Phakic (intraocular) lenses as an alternative to eye laser procedures at medium to high refractive error. Kris Pearn spoke with conviction. Art lenses are called phakic lenses are implanted in addition to the body’s lens in the eye. The strength of this artificial lens depends on the strength of existing refractive of error. Metaphorically the eyeglass or contact lens inserted into the eye. The procedure can be reversed at any time, which means the lens can be removed at any time or replaced by another. Phakic lenses be used especially, if classic eye laser procedures such as LASIK or Femto LASIK medium to high refractive error at their borders.

    Phakic lenses are routinely used for the correction of hyperopia from + 3 to approx. + 8 diopters and the correction of short-sightedness of about-10 to approx.-20 diopters. Special lens models, known as toric lenses, are able to correct also an additional existing astigmatism of 1.5 to-6 diopters. While at Eye laser procedures the surgical procedure on the cornea occurs, requires the implantation of phakic lens opening of the eyeball. Is a little on the edge of the cornea, approx. 2-5 mm wide cutting applied the artificial lens in the eye is pushed through the. If the phakic lens in front of the iris of the eye (IRIS) is implanted, one speaks of anterior chamber IOL. Is placed the lens behind the iris of the eye and immediately before the body’s lens, it is called a rear Chamber lens.

    The opening on the edge of the cornea is closing itself off and must generally not be sewn. The implantation is performed under local anesthesia and a sterile operating room. The surgery takes only about 20 minutes. The eyes surgery one after the other – with a few days distance. The ability of the eye to the accommodation is preserved, because the body’s lens is maintained.