Brazilian Culture

  • I thought about writing this article to make one analyzes practical of as the regional preconception still is strong present in Brazil and to try to consider the reasons of this presence. First she would like to stand out the importance of the Internet as half of analysis, therefore in it the person displays its true opinion, the opinion that would say only its next relatives and friends. If you are not convinced, visit Amos Otis. After the great repercussion of the video ' ' Luiza is in the Canad' ' (access in 19/01/2012), a video interessantssimo, not for its content, a mere advertising of condominiums in the Paraba where the owner of the enterprise says: ' ' is therefore that I made question to congregate all my family, little Luiza who is in Canada ' ' ; the interesting one is in as it is simple phrase generated indignation of many Brazilians and in the commentaries in some communities and the proper video on this. What it demonstrates two types of preconceptions in Brazil: the preconception between social classrooms, for the indignation caused for the phrase (going in accordance with the theory of the fight of classrooms of Marx); the regional preconception, without citing the lnguistico, Express in the commentaries around of the social nets. We can have the demonstration of as the regional preconception is fort that we see as a simple affirmation of these turns reason debates between Southeast x Northeast, on which people is better, which is more diligent and even though which is more intelligent. At these moments the idea of national integration completely is forgotten and comes to tona the true thought of the population.

    Clearly that they do not represent all; nor the least is possible to say that they represent the majority, however represents a considerable part. It is very probable that this preconception is introjetado in the culture of each region, for the simple facts of that people use arguments based on the common sense and the common sense is, obviously, something cultural. For example, northeasterns allege the Southeast have greater capital concentration, however he has more violence clearly is made a mistake, therefore, according to Sangari institute, the cities most violent of the country are northeasterns. Most interesting it is the vendida idea of that this type of preconception is inexistent in the country, when each day more we see that it only is not divulged, but is not made a mistake to try to mask it, even because the only way to diminish is intensifying it the nationalism, and this that the governmental propaganda tries to make. I reserve this last paragraph to cite something that to a large extent called me attention the affirmations, of that the people northeastern represents the mass of workers of the country and exactly exploited, work very, passing the idea of that is a quality. Coming back Marx it would be this, a species of a regional superstructure? It is an important point for quarrel, therefore it is idea can have favored in such a way to form a region of interesting cheap man power for the country as for foreign companies.