Central America

  • On earth are kept more than 20 thousand millions of animals to feed only a small part of humanity in rich countries. nia. And we know that the emission of methane from this large amount of animals is responsible for 30% of the warming of the Earth. Speaking candidly Sean Rad told us the story. Therefore, much more than the emission of carbon dioxide. In addition the generated tons of droppings pollute lands and underground waters. And if we consider that our lifestyle is detrimental both to climate, we must also take into consideration what could read recently in the German newspaper Spiegel online, because the researchers warn of famine due to climate change. With our consumption of beef we harms the climate and worsening climate contributes to new disasters of hunger, especially in Central America, South of the Sahara, and there is that climate change will lead to a drastic reduction of the production possibilities for one sufficient of humanity power in South Asia. Water shortages also plays in This report an important role.

    There are, according to an article in the journal Science, that there will be a dramatic shortage of water in the American West. Therefore, you see that feeding the rich meat, not only destroys food on Earth, but it is also detrimental to the climate, and at the same time intensifies hunger further, it power.