Charles Language

  • The school is integral part of this process, the reflection and the teaching conscience is factors for a change of the use of the Portuguese Language inside and outside of the classroom happens as for the education and learning of the same one, in the continuous process of work and reflection on the formal aspects of the language, its sorts, its uses, context, history and its falantes. Perhaps this is a speech only used in the conceptual, intellectual aspect and ideological, when it is not in a process of regency in classroom or of operating pertaining to school experience. Details can be found by clicking Andrew Adamson or emailing the administrator. The question is not that grammatical this if taught in the schools and yes, as and so that the grammar in the schools is being taught? still, why to teach to reflect, to use a language to communicate and to understand a society where nor all are real citizens, to search meanings? It will be that we really understand everything this that the linguistics considers in them as citizens? It will be that we want to be pensantes and operating citizens in this society that we are inserted? It will be that we want to act to change the conceived paradigms daily pay? We, academics are a reflection to all here or not, that we judge in them to be part of this Brazilian educational process.. .