Daniel Seijo

  • MOTORPASION.COM, publication of WEBLOGS SL specializing in information about the world engine for more success in Spain, has made more than 2,000 readers a survey on the perception they have about hybrid cars and electric cars. The aim is to know the direct opinion of these fans and their expectations about the automotive technology. According to Daniel Seijo, editor of the publication and promoter of the idea, in recent years we have become accustomed until today about the automotive world is copada by news of hybrid and electric cars. It is reasonable: it’s one of the main focuses of research of the brands, and also is fashionable, as already were the power, security and efficiency in past years. For Daniel, everything points to that, indeed, will be electric cars which massively endeavored roads in the not too distant future. These are the questions: where you had to change your car, do compararias a car Electric in 2011? Nearly half of those surveyed reject altogether the possibility of acquiring an electric car in 2011, and only 11% would be willing to pay more for adopting this technology.

    However the problem seems to be reduced to money, not the driving experience, since only 9% would choose a car with heat engine if it costase the same one electric. And one hybrid in 2011? They are a real alternative with pros and cons. Approximately one third of respondents if I had to change the car in 2011 would prefer a classic heat engine. It makes sense, possibly be our last car with classic motor. Another third of respondents understand that he maintains all the advantages of a gasoline engine, but reducing consumption. 21% Understand it as an alternative to a diesel engine, that perhaps an error might result from the economic point of view depending on the amount of miles and used routes.