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  • They can also choose the finish you prefer, whether it is a black matte or satin finish with polished edges option. In regards to the dial, the options are plated or black galvanic, while symbols of the hours and the hands are standards for all watches. The arrival of the Instrument BR01 marked the arrival of the strength of the French watchmakers to competition from watches enthusiasts and professionals. Fans appreciate the fine robustness of watches Bell & Ross the result of countless hours of constant testing. This attracts the target audience for Bell & Ross, including pilots and soldiers strong and rough types directly.

    Each product in this line also includes a set of tools for work do it yourselfers (DIY, by its acronym in English) on the strap to pull them, so that customers even have the option to remove the straps and put the watch on your desktop to be used as such or even screw it to the dashboard of their vehicles. During the previous three seasons, Bell & Ross has cooled the line with redesigned dials and new boxes to distinguish the new models of the feeling of military profession of previous models. However, these newer models take their inspiration from Stealth bomber planes, which means they have dials with a more subtle finish, they remain properly undetectable during the day, while the photo-luminescent dials finish makes that see the time at night is an easy issue. In 2007, Bell & Ross embarked on a bold adventure in the land of the tourbillon, with a known as the Instrument BR01 Tourbillon limited edition Deluxe model. In addition to the tourbillon and power reserve indicator, this unique model includes also something completely new torque indicator.

    The torque indicator essentially measures the voltage present on the main spring, which handles the internal part of the clock, thus giving an indication of the accuracy of the clock based on the remaining torque in the main spring. Since, in recent years, Chanela, the company known for its popular perfumes, went into the game of Bell & Ross, the French watchmaker has been able to establish a manufacturing plant in La Chaux de Fonds. This new facility has allowed Bruno Belamich, designer of Bell & Ross, to true unleash their imaginations, experimenting with increasingly complicated and unique designs that however, remain faithful to the fundamental commitment of Bell & Ross to produce instruments for the professional.