First Video Course

  • On the occasion of the Produktlaunchs to the ITB 2010 LinguTV offers a discount for professional success in the hospitality and tourism industry excellent English skills are essential. International guests expect that employees in the hospitality industry can communicate fluently in English. The already award-winning language course provider LinguTV offers now multimedia lessons, to train the communication in English between employee and guest. “The LinguTV course English for hotel and tourism” is designed for employees in the tourism industry and those wishing to work in this area. In the Center are elaborately produced videos that show how native speakers use the English language in authentic situations. Viewers learn through realistic dialogues especially relevant vocabulary and the correct pronunciation. Participants can choose between the everyday scenes and interactive exercises such as quizzes, crossword puzzles and many other games.

    The individual Learning level analysis shows each user his own learning progress and gives specific recommendations. Anywhere, anytime: Effectively and practical English learn practical expertise that can be applied immediately forms the core of the online video training for employees of the hospitality industry. The modular design allows a simple, fast, and efficient foreign language and communication training the learners also for the first time. LinguTV attaches particular importance to an entertaining performance. Another feature is the ease of use.

    Users of the award-winning Videolern offer LinguTV need only a multimedia PC or laptop and an Internet connection; the offer is purely browser-based, thus no installation of software is needed. The industry conditions in the hospitality industry reflected in particular by the fact, that participants can always learn regardless of time and place. Whether from home, in the Office or on the go LinguTV is accessible around the clock around and around. Provide language learning experts and hotel industry for tailor-made offer the high quality of the course is among other things, the result of collaboration with renowned partners, designated experts of the industry and a well-known international luxury hotel chain. “We are very proud to be able to offer a truly innovative and above all practical course, who made a valuable contribution for the modern training in the hospitality industry thanks to the support by the German hotel and Restaurant Association Berlin,”, so LinguTV’s Managing Director Sandra Gasber to the new video training courses of English for hotel and tourism “. “Christian Siejock, training manager of the hotel chain InterContinental, certifies the high commercial value: LinguTV gives very efficiently important English language skills and shows very clearly how employees guests professionally communicate with.” On the occasion of the ITB 2010 in Berlin, LinguTV granted an introductory discount of 10 per cent. Select the course just language training”and discount code ITB10″ specify. Welcome to your hotel in English! CONTACT: Philip Gienandt, LinguTV GmbH, Landsberger Allee 24 D-10249 Berlin / Germany phone: +49-(0)30-42802751 mobile: +49-(0)163-8585115 E-Mail: website: about LinguTV: LinguTV produces videos for the modern language training. The topic-specific video training is geared to the specific requirements of companies and individuals in an efficient training. The extensive online platform webTV includes entertaining videos, interactive games and many social network community “features such as video chat and learning group.