• This too is nonsense, because the task comment – integration into the blogosphere. Therefore, it must earn its interest, trust, respect, well etc. The horse is clear that marani pages of another blog post for the sake of advertising themselves loved one, nothing in the end will bring. Is that disappointing results from the absence of the rough work. Who needs such a beautiful and interesting? Want to put on himself and his reputation Cross – spamming and blankly piartes. Greg Mankiw has firm opinions on the matter. 3) The following rule wrong tone – podmazyvanie, begging, speculation and other not nice things.

    Of course, it’s more a question of morality and self-esteem, and very, very rarely can lead to the result, but even if will lead, whether you respect? I do not know, everyone decides for himself, but in my opinion – fawn before the “great uncles’ not worth it. They may be, and throw “handout”, but in one row with a will not put. 4) dramatically negative comments comments. Clearly, this is a good way to PR. It is very easy to take and all yes all crap, besides, it very likely will cause interest to your person. But even if your identity is unique and interesting, it is necessary to respect the author’s blog where you are. Even if you somehow do not agree – you need to be correct.

    Otherwise, only what can be done – make enemies. My policy is – “If I want to omit the author or his office, then what the heck I’m doing on this blog at all? If I do not agree with everything, I’m not interested – I just do not read it and certainly did not comment on it! Read and comment on just where I’m wondering, and even if you do not agree – do it as well. ” 5) Curved language. Maybe not even a bad tone, because in this lovely Internet! Anyway, you should strive to be literate, at least, so that you could properly understand. Some have their style, and the chips – this is good, the main thing that they do not alienate, and hastening to your goal! And now a brief summary: 1) Spam, even as a comment is like spam, and still is bad 2) No need to comment when you have nothing to say 3) Frankly dull self-promotion and public relations are unlikely to benefit 4) Write only in those blogs that interest you! 5) Be the correct 6) Do not beg, do not waver – it’s gone 7) Do not be a boor – still remove the Well, the last – a good comment is akin to good content – will do the trick, the bad – a waste of time! Good comments in the subject is always, sooner or later will cause the audience’s interest and will lead to your site or blog.