Keratoconus Treatment: Cross-linking And Ring Implants

  • Keratoconus is a corneal disorder. The corneal cross linking process as well as the implantation of ring implants (Intacs) are methods to stop the progress of Keratoconus. The eye disease of Keratoconus is a corneal disorder. Keratoconus is characterized by a progressive thinning and cone-shaped deformation of the cornea of the eye. Initially, only one eye gets sick, later also the other eye is affected. The frequency is approximately 1:2000 in the general population. Typically starts the Keratoconus in puberty, and then relapsing. Credit: Joe Stillman-2011. In approximately 20% of those affected, the disease progresses as far as that must undergo a cornea transplant due to scarring or irregular astigmatism.

    Only the central cornea is affected by the disease. How to recognize a Keratoconus? The first signs are frequent glasses corrections with change of axis and fluctuating Visual acuity, as well as an increased astigmatism, often only in one eye. Furthermore, the person concerned is proof that he gained no full sight with these new glasses. This is an indication for an already advanced disease. The symptoms of Keratoconus in the early stages are often associated with not this eye disease. Years of changing from different eye doctors often precedes the correct diagnosis by a specialist. Keratoconus, the affected part only in one eye, phenomena such as Doppelsehen objects, additional shadows on letters and objects, as well as streaks or star-shaped rays that go out seem light sources see.

    A reliable diagnosis of Keratoconus provides the corneal topography. This diagnostic tool provides a graphical representation of altitude reliefs of the cornea. How is a Keratoconus treated? At the beginning of the change of the corneal surface, usually with a pair of glasses can be compensated. While some patients over time with a pair of eyeglasses come to terms, there are some patients on several glasses with different strengths and Sehachsen, Visual acuity and axis part can change over the course of days.