Lean Body Mass

  • For progressive growth of lean body mass, you ned high-energy food. You can eat lots of protein, but if it contains fewer calories than is expended, the increase in muscle massyproishodit will not. In Currently on the shelves of sporting or special stores have food additives that are used to build myshechnoymassy, improve muscle relief, increased their stamina. For athletes who want to build lean body mass, rekomenduetsyapokupat food substitutes and protein-carbohydrate mixture. By the way, esliupotreblyat instead of eating only special additives to the growth of muscle tissue nebudet.

    Supplements used only to add them to the diet of ordinary food, to increase the amount of calories. Depending on the situation, lunch or dinner, you can replace a portion containing 40-50 grams of protein is in the direct appointment process, to replace the conventional power supply. Mixtures used as supplements, are designed to increase the general ration to 2000 – 3000kalory. In contrast, replacement feeding, protein-carbohydrate mixture contain vdva times less protein, but 2.5 times more carbohydrates. For uvelicheniyauglevodov was diluted in milk or juice.

    In addition to these additives, there are direct stimulants of muscle strength and mass, such kakkreatin. To increase mass and strength enough to take daily for 5-7 grams of creatine. Dobavlyatv diet this can be a stimulant from the first days of classes at the gym. Also required daily intake of multivitamins containing minerals. To achieve its goals the athlete must strictly adhere to food, including additives, mixtures, multi-vitamins. Only with this power increase lean body mass athlete.