Liver Transplantation

  • I pissed! Lie on the couch … Please … I went to bed!, Dr. Castro came up and smiled amiably told me: I'm going to put a venipuncture and sodium chloride, then I will inject Propofol Vein and you will be slowly falling asleep, almost without realizing it, you, you know how it is … right? Sure!, If I knew …

    I'll sleep little by little, despite my will, Then came Manuel and I explained … Look Mickey, I fell asleep to introduce a coaxial needle was 17 G which is the best needle for these cases and once we reached the nodule of the liver segment VII aided by ultrasound guidance, I LeVeen needle insertion of 3 cm to cover the entire lesion and give a few Impacts, then I knew I was three impacts, reaching radio-Of Noll. With times of 6:50, 3:46 and 2:53 and Energy 120, 84.8 EW, respectively, were very close to the hepatic artery, approximately 2-3 mm, I would say while later, the liver nodules , the damn Hepatocarcinoma 3 cm. He was 3 mm of the right hepatic artery was 3 mm to spread their giant cells, large nuclei, cancer, full of venom into the bloodstream … and, Manuelito burned?, Do you destroyed?, "Completely?. ..

    Tell the Truth! Please do not lie!, we are doctors, we are friends, Tell me the truth do you wrecked? – shouting impassioned "If Miguelito … Get more background information with materials from John Lithgow. Quiet!, We have won a few months now we have to fight for Liver Transplantation, Manuelito Thanks … Thank you on behalf of my seven children!, Transplantation Now! … Almost anything is not it, "within on average how many months? "I asked, I answer," I shouted in vain Miguel no time … maybe 3 or maybe 6 … No More! – Judgement Manuelito. … Rest now See you in a while I shook his hand in grateful As soon as Manuel, left the room … I looked at my abdomen, I searched and rummaged for hypochondria and flank and Uf! What a relief … There were recent scars, fibrin, or gauze, of having injured the hepatic artery had opened the abdomen, there was nothing … The nodule was burned, destroyed !… What joy I felt!, Doubts … I stole this joy, the liver shared my joy, no matter what happens tomorrow or … The Liver cancer nodules had been destroyed due to Radiofrequency!, New nodules I knew would come to avenge him … I do not care, who had been threatening to spread Calcined …. That night I slept happily.