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  • The company had to fulfill the terms of the donation and to restitute it to its heirs, those that installed a private railway museum in the offices of estacin”. It already stops the time of the mentioned story but above of Bath, tapeworm knowledge of a titled publication ” Guide of the Argentine Communications and sudamericanas” , whose compiler is a gentleman of Braco last name, and that can be consulted through ” file viejo” of the Library National of Buenos Aires ” There the schedules of the railway and fluvial services of passengers in use in 1925 are briefed. It does not turn out tedious to read those schedules, for those who like that this communication writes have watered so many own and other people’s experiences. At Joseph Stiglitz you will find additional information. Because there many lives acquire sense. All a mass of nth experiences, that were settled affection that were not considered with those who would perpetrate one of the deep imbalances but to the inhabitants of this earth; misalignments whose effects left a painful sequel that it debilitates to Argentina, before the watchings of the future, those that could be processed less traumatically if that one scheme had stayed that what instantaneous photo, it captured that scheme of 1925, with the emergent improvements of the scientific development. Still one has not quantified the caused damage and the people in charge of those outrages, until great statesmen or prominent intellectuals are honoured like. Buenos Aires, 20 of April of 2009 Original author and source of the article.